Accuweigh weighing system helps crash investigators estimate incidence speeds  

Research Title: Accuweigh weighing system helps crash investigators estimate incidence speeds

Research Category: Heavy Material handling

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Researchers: Accuweigh
Location: Malbourn, Australia

Research Details

ACCUWEIGH says it has supplied a weighing system and logging software to WA’s Major Crash Investigation Unit to help estimate the speed of vehicles in major accidents.

According to Accuweigh, it is sometimes possible to estimate the vehicle’s speed immediately prior to the accident by comparing the distance the vehicle travelled after the main impact against the force required to move that same vehicle in its current damaged state.

The damaged vehicle is connected via tow cables to the Accuweigh weighing system, which is fitted to a police four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive then tows the damaged vehicle along the same path.

During this operation, the weighing system transmits instantaneous weight data to a laptop which automatically logs the force readings required to move the vehicle. This data is then used to generate an estimate of the initial speeds of the vehicle.

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