New Canning SuperDrive™ options work well in the Waste Industry.  

Research Title: New Canning SuperDrive™ options work well in the Waste Industry.

Research Category: Bulk Material Handling

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Researchers: Canning Conveyor Co Ltd
Location: Notts, United Kingdom

Research Details

New Canning SuperDrive™ options work well in the Waste Industry.

Non re-greasable labyrinth seal arrangement
Since the introduction of the Canning SuperDriveTM in 2005 the motorised pulley has proved it self throughout the Waste Industry.

The recycling of general household waste, building waste and refuse incineration waste provide challenges to seal arrangements of all components utilized within the conveyors and sorting systems within the industry.

Some of the main culprits of system failure are VHS/cassette tape, glass, plastic threads and steel or copper wires which can become trapped and wind themselves around critical areas such as shafts and seals.

On the SuperDrive motorised pulley, Canning recommend the fitment of extra external non-regreasable steel labyrinth seals at these areas, to provide the protection required against these particular problems. This will enable the pulley to operate without constant attention and therefore fulfil its life potential.

Where there is the added problem of extreme aggressive and abrasive dry dust, or, if it is in a wet form of sludge and, or in a hot environment, we would recommend that these seals are of our re-greasable type so they can be initially charged and then continuously purged around the seal area to keep it clear.

The best way of achieving this without constant maintenance is to fit a proprietary ‘grease-man' system that administers a measured time-lapse grease release. It is essential that any SuperDriveTM supplied with re-greasable seals must have automatic greasemen which must be used correctly and replaced strictly in accordance with the ‘grease-man' manufacturers' instructions to avoid any warranty issues.

Canning Conveyor can also provide SuperDriveTM motorized pulleys with various options of stainless steel shafts and housings to work in very corrosive areas and applications.

These simple and inexpensive measures will considerably extend any SuperDriveTM motorized pulleys working life within these environments and therefore protect the investment made in the drive and save possible downtime and lengthy maintenance tasks in the future.

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