JVI's Reliable Powder Batching System  

Research Title: JVI's Reliable Powder Batching System

Research Category: Bulk Material Handling

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Researchers: JVI
Location: Houston, United States

Research Details

JVI's Reliable Powder Batching System

JVI vibratory dosing feeders can be used in dry powder batching systems where dosing accuracy is key. From coloring batches of cement mixtures for statuary products to coloring powdered food or chemical product mixes, JVI feeders are a reliable and accurate.

By using JVI Vibratory dosing feeders in a batching system, color variations can be a thing of the past.

The problem is that many batching machines, especially when it comes to powdered pigments, do not provide reliable coloring results because the feeders cannot produce reliable minute batches of pigment, and even a slight variation is highly undesirable.

Wausau Tile needed a dispensing system for small batches for their tile making application. The larger dispensing systems they already had in place were not capable of dispensing with the accuracy needed. It was decided based on tests with their material that vibratory feeders would provide the best solution to reach the necessary speed and accuracy.

The president and chief engineer had a lot of experience in the past using vibratory feeders and chose JVI FDLT Dosing feeders to incorporate in their batching system based upon information he received from the company and his own research.

The main benefit of using JVI dosing feeders is batch-to-batch repeatability.

With tile, being able to consistently produce the same color every time is a necessity. The JVI feeders are able to achieve this repeatability at a very high accuracy. The system at Wausau Tile was designed to dispense a formula with an accuracy of 0.5 grams at a high speed.

The system had to be able to dispense up to a five pound batch at the 0.5 gram accuracy, mix the powder ingredients with water, and transfer the material to the larger batching tank of concrete within five minutes. Using JVI dosing feeders, the system easily exceeds the requirements.

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