Turbine Vibrator Brings Quiet Performance  

Research Title: Turbine Vibrator Brings Quiet Performance

Research Category: Bulk Material Handling

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Researchers: Cougar Industries Inc
Location: Peru, United States

Research Details

Turbine Vibrator Brings Quiet Performance

Cougar Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the use of Model ATU Turbine Vibrators in applications to promote the flow of concrete from truck chutes. The Model ATU Turbine Vibrator replaces a traditional piston vibrator and provides superb performance with far lower noise levels, well below OSHA standards, and at better efficiency through lower air consumption.

Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, water and other ingredients such as flyash. Discharge from trucks can be hampered by the cohesive strength of the mix and the friction between the material and the chute wall. Traditionally a piston vibrator has been used to aid in the discharge and flow of the concrete mix from the truck chute.

However, excessive noise, damaging hammer-type blows to the chute and inefficient air consumption has led to the use of the Model ATU Turbine Vibrator as a replacement for the outdated piston type unit. Model ATU Turbine Vibrators are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

In this application an ATU-43V is used to provide the vibration force needed to promote and maintain good material flow in the truck chute. This vibrator is capable of providing 745lbs. of force with 11,700VPM (vibrations per minute) at 60psi air pressure, within only 67dBA noise levels that is well below OSHA limits. Model ATU Turbine Vibrators can be supplied that will provide up to over 1800lbs. of force output with noise level below OSHA standards.

Cougar Industries, Inc. has been a leading provider of material flow-aids for over 40 years and offers cost-effective solutions, expert technical assistance and complete service and support.

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