NBE Integrated Automation Expertise to Increase Batch Accuracy and Optimize Feed Rates Into Downstream Packaging Line.  

Research Title: NBE Integrated Automation Expertise to Increase Batch Accuracy and Optimize Feed Rates Into Downstream Packaging Line.

Research Category: Bulk Material Handling

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Researchers: National Bulk Equipment
Location: Chicago, United States

Research Details

NBE Integrated Automation Expertise to Increase Batch Accuracy and Optimize Feed Rates Into Downstream Packaging Line.

Automated bag discharger accurately and consistently discharges material directly from bulk bags in a reliable and dust-free manner. NBE integrated the discharger's automated control package with the client's downstream packaging line to provide materials automatically and reliably based on the demand from the packaging line. National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). A custom chemical processing operation leverages the integrated automation expertise of NBE to increase material batch accuracy and optimize material feed rates based on demand of downstream packaging lines. Material introduction originates from an NBE bulk bag discharger. System-wide control, communication, and monitoring are automated by UL listed controls, designed and built by NBE. The NBE integrated automation solution provides highly reliable material feed at optimal rates. And, regardless of material characteristics or line speed requirements, operator involvement is limited to positioning full bags for discharge and removing empty bags from the system. The varied requirements of production runs processed on this toll packaging line demand a high degree of process versatility. The NBE bulk bag discharger can hoist and unload bulk bags with capacities up to 4,000 pounds. Pneumatically actuated massage paddles, with 14,600 pounds of paddle pressure, easily aid discharge of hard-packed material. An 18-inch diameter iris-type spout control valve controls material flow from the bulk bag; whether free- or non free-flowing material. A loss-in-weight batching system ensures highly accurate batch packaging. A variable frequency drive-controlled screw conveyor automatically adjusts its feed rate based on loss-in-weight of the bulk bag. The NBE integrated automation design of this bulk material processing line centralized multiple process controls into a single, menu-driven controller interface. Load cell and material level sensing, and automatic actuation of the massage paddles, material agitator, and screw conveyor are all driven by material need and line speed requirements of downstream packaging equipment. Line throughput and material usage data are gathered and prepared for importing into the customer?s toll billing system. Exacting material feed rates, improved labor efficiency, and reduced equipment maintenance and downtime have combined to deliver in-use performance advantages and operating cost reductions.

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