Rotary Table Style Automated Production Line Parts Washers  

Research Title: Rotary Table Style Automated Production Line Parts Washers

Research Category: Heavy Material handling

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Researchers: FMT, Inc.
Location: Findlay, United States

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Rotary Table Style Automated Production Line Parts Washers

FMT Rotary Table Style Parts Washers (also called Turntable parts washers or Spray Cabinet parts washers) provide effective part cleaning and drying to meet your production cleaning requirements. Rotary Table Washers are best suited for low volume parts production, batch cleaning, and for multiple part sizes and geometries.

Rotary Table Systems are available in single or multi-stage configurations to suit virtually any type of cleaning application including washing, rinsing, rust inhibiting, and drying.

Rotary Table Washers can accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries and process large heavy parts. Some examples of parts cleaned using FMT Rotary Table washers include remanufacturing cores and machined parts. Typical Rotary Table sizes range from 36" to 72" in diameter (with custom sizes available). Parts can be loaded directly onto the table or into specially designed fixtures. Manual or automatic load and unload systems are available.

Standard Rotary Table Washer Features:

Rugged 304 stainless steel tanks and spray cabinet for optimal life.
Mineral wool tank insulation for energy conservation.
Electric tank heaters.
Robust drive system with variable frequency speed control.
Expanded metal cleaning platform constructed of stainless steel.
Rugged cast iron pump and bag filtration system (stainless steel available).
Stainless steel spray nozzles.
Available Rotary Table Washer air dry-off system operating at 100 - 120 degrees F.
Our unique design eliminates the need for an exhaust fan.
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