A new invention for travelers  

Research Title: A new invention for travelers

Research Category: Conveyor System

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Researchers: Kanor and Ben-David
Location: Gaza, Israel

Research Details

A new Israeli invention seeks to end the tedious wait for the luggage of passengers standing in front of the belt.
The situation can be an inexhaustible source of tension and confusion at airports by the apelotonamiento before the luggage carousel, the ads wrong tape collection and the similarity of the suitcases.
Zvi Kanor, an employee of American Express Travel from Tel Aviv, decided two years ago to create the inventor Yoav Ben-David a "small and attractive" that offered travelers the appearance of his luggage at the conveyor belt.
The ingenuity, dubbed "Easy-2-Pick" (Easy to pick up), consists of two devices with photo-electric cell: a receiver in the form of a keychain and a transmitter that connects to the pouch and imitates the cards home runs with the data personal passenger.
When baggage is about fifteen meters from the receiver, it sounds, vibrates and lights up at once to indicate the end of waiting, without jostling to take place, and risks of misunderstanding. The ingenuity two issuers for as many suitcases.
Kanor and Ben-David had to create a special algorithm for the issuer to activate only their corresponding receptors, so that the baggage hall does not turn into a symphony of beeps and lights in the event that the invention is popular.
"We took two years to develop the system to make sure that the client would not receive warnings of others. The chances of receiving a false notice is one among a million," boasts Kanor. 
The frequency is maintained at low levels to avoid interference with security systems at airports.

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