Compost windrow turner with oblic conveyor belt  

Research Title: Compost windrow turner with oblic conveyor belt

Research Category: Conveyor System

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Researchers: Jacobson
Location: Paris, France

Research Details

1. Machine for turning heaps, particularly of manure, comprising a framework (1), provided with wheels (4) or with tracks, on which means for withdrawing material from the heap and transferring this material from the front towards the rear of the machine are mounted , Arranged transverse the direction of travel of the working machine, withdrawing and the transfer means comprising an oblique conveyor (12, 12a) provided with at least one endless element (14) equipped with pins (15) for withdrawing and carrying along material from the heap, the said conveyor being inclined downwards in the direction of working travel of the machine and the machine further comprising means (30, 32, 34, 36) for driving the said at least one oblique conveyor, characterized in that it further comprises additional means (12b, 40) for withdrawing and transferring material from the heap, which additional means are disposed above the conveyor said oblique (12, 12a).

2. Machine for turning heaps according to claim 1, characterized in that the additional means for withdrawing and transferring material from the heap understood in the framework (1), an oblique conveyor (12b) superposed on to the oblique conveyor (12a).

3. A machine for turning heaps according to claim 1, characterized in that the additional means for withdrawing and transferring material from the heap disentangling comprise a screw (40) disposed in the framework, above the conveyor oblique (12).


The present invention relates to the technique of ventilation manure to compost and get it relates particularly to devices windrow turners manure according to the preamble of claim 1.
The reversal of manure with a device of the type cited above provides grinding manure while causing aeration.

The technical rollover also applies to forest.

Aeration of manure causes evaporation of water in it which makes it less dense and easier transport.
The volume of products to be transported is reduced by about 30%.
In addition aeration manure promotes the destruction of weed seeds.
To facilitate the operations of aeration on form windrows of manure and after some storage time there is aeration manure with a machine rollover. Among the machines are known machines Archimedes screws, possibly equipped with an endless conveyor products take charge Archimedes screw and transfer of this product to a lot of storage.
These machines are usually self specialized machines are equipped with a comprehensive training incorporated and are therefore a cost very high given their rates relatively low in the year.

There are also machines Archimedes screw driven by a tractor or towed which have the disadvantage of having a speed that can not be less than the lowest speed of the tractor and is too important to allow work rollover satisfactory.
WO-A-90 13 527 describes a machine the windrows return with a common oblique conveyor equipped with fingers sampling and training on the subject of the windrow, the conveyor is tilted downwards in the direction of work of the machine and control of the material aired when it is mixed and discharged at the upper end of the conveyor, formed by strands of evacuation supported by a frame.
The invention aims to overcome the disadvantages of machines known by creating a machine that roll while being a reasonable cost to be able to operate with speeds compatible with obtaining a full ventilation of manure that 'she returned.
It therefore seeks to return a machine the windrows, including manure, including a building equipped with wheels or tracks which are mounted on means of sampling the material in the windrow and transfer of such material from the front to the rear of the machine arranged across the direction of work of the machinery and means of removal and transfer conveyor oblique including having at least one element endless equipped with fingers sampling and training the substance of the windrow, the conveyor is tilted downwards in the direction of work of the machine and the machine that also means actuating said at least one conveyor oblique, characterized in that it includes Furthermore, additional sampling and transfer of the material in the windrow located above said conveyor oblique.

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