Belt conveyor support element and conveyor comprising same  

Research Title: Belt conveyor support element and conveyor comprising same

Research Category: Conveyor System

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Researchers: Brunone
Location: Paris, France

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1. Support (10) for a conveyor belt (12), comprising a frame (14), at least one roller (16) for supporting the belt (12), which roller (16) rotates in relation to the frame (14) and comprises axially, at least at one end, a supporting trunnion (22), the frame (14) comprising at least one foot (18) for supporting the rotating roller (16), the foot (18) being equipped with a means (24) for receiving the trunnion (22) for supporting the roller (16), the support (10) further comprising a protective screen (26) which is carried by the frame (14) and is disposed facing the roller (16), characterized in that the said receiving means is made up of a slot (24) and in that the said protective screen (26) comprises means (32) for confining the trunnion (22) in the slot (24).

2. Support according to claim 1, characterized in that the said confining means comprise a stop surface (50) which is applied against the trunnion (22) and ensures that the latter is kept resting against the bottom of the slot (24).

3. Support according to claim 2, characterized in that the stop surface (50) is delimited on an elastically deformable component (40).

4. Support according to any of the preceding claims, characterized in that the said protective screen (26) comprises a recess (46) for receiving the end of the supporting trunnion (22).

5. Support according to any of the preceding claims, characterized in that the protective screen (26) comprises means (44) of elastic commitment which are adapted to interlock the protective screen (26) and the foot (18).

6. Support according to any of the preceding claims, characterized in that the surface (20) of the roller (16) and one edge of the protective screen (26) define a plane of movement of the belt (12), and in that the said slot (24) opens in a direction which is substantially parallel to the plane of movement of the belt (12).

7. Comprising a belt conveyer belt (12) supported by a group of media, characterized in that the said conveyer comprises at least one support (10) according to any of the preceding claims.


The present invention relates to a support band for a conveyor type with a built, at least one roll for the support of the band, which roll is rotating compared to the structure and includes axially, at least at one end, a trunnion of medium, built with at least one leg of support roll rotary leg is fitted with a means of receiving the trunnion roller support, support also includes a screen protection worn by the built and ready in terms of roll, such support is described in the document FR-A-2 655 628.

The invention also a conveyor belt containing such materials.

To carry aggregates or stones at a construction site or a site exploitation of minerals, is known to use belt conveyors. These include a set of rollers support behind a strip of transport. This band is closed loop and is animated by a movement of moving on itself.

The rolls are generally required at each of their ends by support legs, the legs are themselves a solidarity built on the ground or on a chassis support.

It is also known to have a screen protection along each roll against the face of the roll tour upstream conveyor. This shield is maintained fixed in relation to the structure and presents a flush on the underside of the band. This screen is adjusted to avoid the jamming of foreign matter between the roller and the band, and the accidental crash of a member of a worker in the area bounded between the pinch and roll band.

In the media band known, shielding the legs are attached together, for example by screwing.

Thus, the link rollers and shielding footed support is relatively complex, which increases the cost of materials and assembly time.

The invention aims to offer support for band conveyor whose structure is simple, reducing the time and cost of assembly.

To this end, the invention relates to a tread conveyor as described by claim 1.

Next to the particular modes of implementation, support includes one or more of the following:

     * Means of these include a stop surface applied against the trunnion and holds it in support against the bottom of the notch;
     * Stop the surface is bounded on an elastic deformation;
     * Protective screen that includes a course of the receiving end of the trunnion support;
     * The shield contains elastic engagement means adapted for the screen solidarity and protection of the leg and
     * Roller surface and a side of the shield define a plan of movement of the band, and the slot opens significantly in a direction parallel to the plane of movement of the band.

The invention has also aimed a conveyor belt with at least one support as defined above.

As known in itself, the conveyor includes a band 12 traveling in support of a group of media band willing depending on the length of the conveyor.

Each supports 10 includes a built 14 to be adapted to a solidarity frame not represented. Each also includes support in the embodiment represented, three rolls 16 mounted rotating in the same plane in relation to the frame 14.

The reels are 16 feet by 18 support buildings. Extend 18 feet at each end of the rollers.

16 rolls have a cylindrical lateral axis 20 which form the axis of rotation of the roller. The roll this axially at each end of support 22 protruding from the surface 20 of cylindrical rollers. The lateral cylindrical roller is rotating compared. These can be formed by the end of a single tree through the roller through and through. These are adapted to be engaged and locked notched 24 allowed in each leg 18. For their detention in relation to the rotation feet 18, the show flats whose spacing is equal to the width of the notch.

The notches 24 following the open side before 18 feet in a direction XX extending generally parallel to progress in the 12 band staff leaning on the surface of the roll 16 associated. The side wall before it is found to the front of conveyor considering the direction of brown bearer of the band.

In addition, support 10 comprises, for each roll 16, a protective screen 26. This screen contains 26 full wall extending 28 after 16 roll length partner. At each end of the wall 28 are provided the means 30 of retainer wall 28 on the legs 18.

Preferably, the display 28 includes also means 32 of containment of pins 22 in the Associated notches.

The screen 28 is formed by example plastic.

More specifically, and as shown in Figure 3, the wall 28 is coming of substance at each end, with wings 34 feet on fixing 12. The wall 28 is connected to one end of each wing by a set of elastic strips 36.

Extend 34 feet perpendicular to the wall 28, i.e perpendicular to the axis of 16 roll partner.

The length of the wings 34 is greater than the width of 18 feet, so that the opposite end of the liaison to the wall 28, each has a 34 foot extension 38 forming a handle to support order finger to dismantle the protective screen 26.

The means 32 of confinement associated trunnion 40 include a blade extending parallel to the wing 34 of the side of the wing facing the roll. The blade 40 is linked to the first end, the wall 28 and has a second free appropriate to apply against the surface of a trunnion roller. The wing 34 and the blade 40 delineate a groove 42 of receipt edge of the leg 18 in regard to the direction of conveyor.

A projection 44 is arranged on the bulk of the arrivals wing of the 34 in relation to the groove 42, the projection being set aside at a distance from the bottom of the groove equal to the width of the leg 18.

The projection 44 is suitable for mechanical restraint of the wing on the leg associated with elastic engagement of the projection 44 along the edge of the leg 18 in regard to the direction of progress of the band.

Finally, the wing 34 presents in his face turned towards the roll, a circular course 46 of the receiving end of the trunnion 22 of the roller.

A foot 40, as illustrated in Figure 4, presents its free end, a concave profile 50 of complementary form to trunnion 22. This surface 50 is a radial bearing surface on the trunnion 22 to press it against the bottom of the notch 24.

Near its end, the blade 40 shows a 52 light adapted to enable an elastic deformation of its free end and resiliently and seek the trunnion 22.

The wall 28 of the screen presents a longitudinal edge higher 28A and 28B bottom edge.

The means 30 of retainer wall 28 are adapted to maintain it, so that the upper edge 28A extends immediately below the band 12. The upper edge 28A and the edge of contact between the strip and roll 16 then extend significantly following the displacement of the band.

Similarly, the means of restraint are adapted to maintain the edge 28B slightly leaning on the surface 20 of lateral roll to ensure a scraping of it.

The band support for the present invention is a relatively simple because the shield ensures both the protection of roll and roll on keeping the legs support 12.

Indeed, the elastic blade 40 provides a lock and keeping pressure trunnions 22 against the bottom of notches 24.

The pressure on trunnions light is obtained by elastic deformation of the ends of the blades 40.

For the implementation of the screen, it is engaged from the side of the roll, while the wings 34 are resiliently apart from one another.

After setting up the wall 28 and blades 40 in contact with trunnions, housing 46 is next to the ends of trunnions, wings 34 are released so that the projections 44 engage resiliently come back legs 12 providing a reservoir in a position to screen 26.

In case of malfunction of a roller requiring removal, the screen 26 is easily removed by releasing the wings 34 per share on the handles 38. After removal of the screen 26, the roll can be damaged easily reached by moving trunnions depending on the length of notches 24. The axis of notches extending parallel with the movement of the tape, the roll can be withdrawn without the band has to be raised. Similarly, roll repaired, or a new roll can easily be reintroduced without the need to raise the band.

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