Conveyor in an installation for motor vehicle bodies electrocoating  

Research Title: Conveyor in an installation for motor vehicle bodies electrocoating

Research Category: Conveyor System

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Researchers: De Kort, Hans (7 Square du Diapason, Cergy Pontoise, F-95000, FR)
Location: New York, United States

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Abstract of EP0371900
The present invention relates to a conveyor in an installation for motor vehicle bodies electrocoating. This conveyor consists of an overhead carrier device consisting of two parallel overhead rail carrier 1a, 1b, of a metal sledge 2 and of four supporting arms 3a, 3b connecting the sledge 2 to the two rail carrier 1a, 1b. The invention is used for conducting electricity from an electrified rail 1a to the sledge 2 in an electrocoating installation.


The present invention relates to a conveyor of personal vehicles in a painting by electro-deposition.

The conveyors of this type are usually composed of two rail carriers and parallel and tobogganing on the vehicle to paint below the rail carriers, the  is linked to the two rail carriers by arm lift

The vehicle being manipulated before and after the painting itself, through the, it is necessary that lifting the arms that connect the  tracks air can be split to the sledge.

Thus, at the end of each arm levitation rail against which it is suspended, is ready to hang a hand that could be fixed so removable corresponding to the sledge.

In the case of a painting by electro-deposition, one of the two rails is electrified by an electrical current of 200 to 600 volts and 500 to 800 amps.

Thus, both arms hanging at the rail drive electric current through  and the main arm lift, passes through the electrified  and the vehicle landed on the sledge.

But in a painting by electro-deposition, track routes that make up and down and turns. But whatever the route of the rails, and therefore  scope, power must always pass.

However, the link between the removable and the main arm lift is such that electrical contacts are given the itinerary of the  more or less well made and it appears the phenomena 'arc pull metal, thereby increasing friction and reducing the quality of electrical contacts in such proportions that the power no longer.

The invention therefore seeks to eliminate this phenomenon of arcing in conjunction hand of a conveyor installation vehicles for painting by electro-deposition.

This invention particularly object to a conveyor of personal vehicles for installation painting by electro-deposition consists of lifting arm connecting a device to a  air carrier in which at least one lift arm has a hand up, d ' one hand, a device for hanging the  no electric current flowing between the device hanging and and, secondly, a device conduction of electricity to the sledge.

Another object of this invention is to achieve a device such as those described above in which the conduction of electricity consists of a medium on which is mounted with a magnet Thursday electrically connected to a source electric current.

Specifically, the body support consists of an arm extending towards the  and having, under an electric contact surface of the a cage, mounted on Thursday with his arm, inside which is placed the magnet.

The characteristics and advantages emerge as a result of the description that follows made reference to the drawings provided solely by way of example and not limitation including:
The two rail air  are for example, conveyor chain and ensure progress in parallel at the same speed, arm lifting  which are set.

The rail  electrified, is connected to lift arms , ending at their opposite end to rail  by a hand 4a linked to a removable
With the device according to the invention, the functions of support and conduction of electricity have been separated, the arcing can occur, the electrical continuity is always fully guaranteed.

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