System automates conveyor belt cleaning  

Research Title: System automates conveyor belt cleaning

Research Category: Bulk Material Handling

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Researchers: HepcoMotion
Location: London, United Kingdom

Research Details

The hard anodised profile of the PDU2 and its corrosion-resistant internal components help it survive regular cleaning.

Hygiene-conscious manufacturers can now make substantial cost-savings on the labour-intensive process of conveyor belt cleaning.

Primarily aimed at the food-processing sector, the Keith Handy Design's mobile Jet System not only automates the task but also enables mesh belt conveyors of different sizes and dimensions to be served by a single unit.

This makes Jet System a highly a cost-effective investment for small manufacturers.

Providing both structural support for the machine and linear movement of the steam generation head is a HepcoMotion PDU2 Profile Driven Unit.

This robust product combines proven belt technology, advanced materials engineering and Hepco's expertise in aluminium profile design.

It comprises a slotted profile into which fits a drive belt and carriage.

This arrangement effectively seals the unit and creates the clean profile that proved so attractive to Keith Handy when he was specifying a linear system for Jet System.

"I expected to design the linear system myself but PDU2 fits the bill perfectly and is available off the shelf", Keith Handy explains.

"It's neat, lightweight, compact and allows the span of movement to be adjusted within a smooth profile".

As the PDU2 is driven by a small, comparatively low-powered stepper motor its low friction characteristic was also considered to be important.

The Herculane wheels that are central to the design of the PDU2 run virtually friction free on the inside surface of the profile and also provide stable support for the carriage plate.

The Jet System uses steam as its power source for cleaning.

Steam generation has developed significantly over recent years.

It is a modern, environmentally sensitive technology that uses no chemicals and minimal water compared to conventional methods.

Furthermore, steam sanitises as it works, breaking down debris and killing bacteria on contact.

"The hard anodised profile of the PDU2 and its corrosion-resistant internal components were important factors for these relatively hostile conditions", Keith Handy continues.

"And with increasing demand for power wash versions of Jet System for the US market the corrosion resistance of the PDU2 is especially important".

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