TGW launches carton and tote conveyor system  

Research Title: TGW launches carton and tote conveyor system

Research Category: Conveyor System

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Researchers: TGW
Location: CA, United States

Research Details

TGW has enhanced its conveyor system portfolio with the launch of a high-performance accumulation roller conveyor.

The system has been designed to transport a vast array of cartons and totes, with sizes that range from 150mm x 150mm to 800mm x 600mm, and weigh from 0.2kg (4.4lbs) up to 50kg (110lbs).

This technology delivers the customer benefit of optimising and streamlining the material flow within the operation and the flexibility to handle a diverse range of articles on the same conveyor system.

In addition, the system allows handling of poor-quality cartons while ensuring optimum throughput of the application.

The conveyor system is controlled by a software model designed by TGW to incorporate several high-value features as standard.

These include the option to utilise either basic or progressive (train) accumulation and release functions, providing operational flexibility.

Using basic accumulation ensures that products are separated by a gap as they are transported down the conveyor.

Progressive accumulation, on the other hand, enables close-packed and individual products to maintain their spacing as they travel down the conveyor, achieving higher carton density.

Upon accruing at the furthest downstream open zone, all zones then release at the same time, resulting in no gaps or minimal gaps.

By ensuring that the articles are accumulated with no gaps between each other, the TGW transport system is able to convey, accumulate and release at a sustainable high throughput.

The system requires a minimum air flow pressure to operate and up to 50 modules can be powered with only one power supply.

The conveyor solution does not require as many control modules as conventional accumulation technology, as the accumulation function is activated by pneumatic devices.

The inclusion of electronic sensors in the design eliminates product weight restrictions and the noise associated with mechanical sensors, resulting in low-noise operations.

With its preset control logic functionality installed at the TGW factory, the requirement for field programming is also removed, which means a substantial reduction in the time and cost associated with field installation, wiring and maintenance.

The conveyor system transports products at a rate of up to 5,000 cartons per hour, offering reliable high operational productivity within a transport and accumulation conveyor application.

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