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Distance measuring apparatus, distance measuring method, reflector and communication system

Location: Kyoto, Japan

The present invention relates to a distance measuring apparatus, a distance measuring method, a reflector, and a communication system, which perform wireless communication with a reflector via radio waves. BACKGROUND ART Recently, RFID (Radio...

Process and equipment for the conveyance of powdered material

Location: Elmshorn, DE, United States

The invention concerns a process and device for conveying powdered material. The process and device are used especially in powder coating installations to convey powder coating material by compressed air in dense phase from a reservoir into a...

Automatic transport loading system and mechanism

Location: Alanson, MI, United States

A method and system for automatically loading and unloading a transport is disclosed. A first guidance system is used to travel near the transport and a second guidance system is used to travel on the transport. The present invention is...

Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid collection and overflow on machine tools

Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States

A device is disclosed for receiving and separating chips and coolant collecting on machine tools in which unfiltered coolant is prevented from penetrating tanks for filtered coolant in the event a receiving tank overflows. This is achieved in that...

Computer vision system detects foreign objects in processed poultry and food products

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Although metal detectors help commercial food processors keep metal fragments from ending up in finished products, these detectors can't identify plastic and other foreign objects.And as plastic becomes more widespread, used in everything from...

Colorado State Hurricane Forecast Team Maintains Prediction For Active 1999 Season; Landfall Probabilities Above Average

Location: Colorado, United States

FORT COLLINS--Colorado State University's hurricane forecaster William Gray is maintaining his prediction for a 1999 hurricane season similar to last year's in the Atlantic Basin. Today's update calls for 14 tropical storms, nine hurricanes and...

Net Hurricane Activity, Atlantic Conveyor Belt Are Factors In Colorado State University's Landfall Prediction Model

Location: Colorado, United States

FORT COLLINS-Hurricane records since 1900, estimates of damage potential and a theory that a period of more intense hurricane activity may be beginning all contribute to a new statistical model that predicts hurricane landfall probabilities along...

New study reports large-scale salinity changes in the oceans

Location: Chicago, United States

Saltier tropical oceans and fresher ocean waters near the poles are further signs of global warming's impacts on the planet Tropical ocean waters have become dramatically saltier over the past 40 years, while oceans closer to Earth's poles have...

Recent Abrupt Cold Event Could Shed Light On Future

Location: Berkeley, United States

San Francisco, Calif. -- About 8,200 years ago, the world climate suddenly got colder and stayed that way for a few hundred years before temperatures returned to normal, according to a team of paleoclimatologists. "This event, which we are...

Powerful 'conveyer belts' drive sun's 11-year cycle, new evidence suggests

Location: NY, United States

NASA and university astronomers have found evidence that the 11-year sunspot cycle is driven in part by a giant conveyor belt-like, circulating current within the Sun. The astronomers, Dr. David Hathaway, Robert Wilson and Ed Reichmann of NASA's...

Columbia Scientist Warns That Global Warming Could Trigger Collapse Of Ocean Currents

Location: Columbia, United States

Halt to Gulf Stream and Other Currents Could Freeze Europe; Dublin Would Share Spitsbergen's Icy Climate On the eve of the international meeting on global warming that opens Dec. 1 in Kyoto, Japan, one of the world's leading climate experts warned...

Internal waves appear to have the muscle to pump up mid-lats

Location: Washington, United States

When internal waves up to 300 feet first form they cause a mighty churning of ocean waters – something invisible to and unfelt by anyone at the surface. Now in a novel use of mooring data, some of it three decades old, a University of...

MIT: blood may help us think

Location: Massachusetts, United States

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--MIT scientists propose that blood may help us think, in addition to its well-known role as the conveyor of fuel and oxygen to brain cells. “We hypothesize that blood actively modulates how neurons process information,”...

New EUREKA project doubles intermodal freight train capacity

Location: Berlin, Germany

EUREKA project E! 2388 LOGCHAIN MUSIC has doubled freight train capacity on the intermodal service Duisburg-Lübeck, which links Norway, Sweden and Finland to Germany and the rest of Europe, through the development of an intermodal conveyor belt....

A conveyor belt for the nano-age

Location: Berkeley, United States

In a development that brings the promise of mass production to nanoscale devices, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists have transformed carbon nanotubes into conveyor belts capable of ferrying atom-sized particles to microscopic...

Heat flow signature key to understanding triple junction dynamics

Location: Penn State, United States

University Park, Pa. -- Just as in the chicken-and-egg story, geologists have debated which came first: the thickened crust at the Mendocino Triple Junction or the junction itself. Now, using heat flow patterns and numerical modeling, Penn State...

Laser tweezers sort atoms

Location: bonn, Germany

Physicists of the University of Bonn have taken one more important hurdle on the path to what is known as a quantum computer: by using 'laser tweezers' they have succeeded in sorting up to seven atoms and lining them up. The researchers filmed...

New earthquake experiment by conveyor belts moving .

Location: South Island ,Inland Kaikoura Range, New Zealand

The study in the Aug. 6 issue of the journal Nature expands our understanding of the sources of earthquake failure," says Phil Wannamaker, the study's main author and a geophysicist at the University of Utah's Energy and Geoscience...

conveyor belts using for super-fast search algorithms for quantum computers

Location: Institut für Angewandte Physik,Sekretariat Zimmer 307 ,53115 Bonn, Germany

Let's assume we carried out the following experiment: we put a coin in the hand of a test person. We'll simply call this person Hans. Hans's task is now to toss the coin several times. Whenever the coin turns up 'heads', his task is to take...

Backlit Conveyors Feature High-Intensity LEDs to Illuminate Parts for Superior Visual Inspection

Location: Cincinnati, United States

Equipped with translucent, light-passing belt, AccuVision Internal Backlit Conveyors use high-intensity LED modules, providing uniform light field for automatic or manual visual inspection. Light field is available in 6 widths from 2-12...

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