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Industrial IT System 800xA Conveyor Controls Special Conveyor ABB's award winning Industrial IT System 800xA provides you with a better way to achieve measurable productivity and profitability improvements. System 800xA extends the scope of traditional control systems to include all automation functions in... more
Safety Systems Conveyor Components Processing Conveyor Over the past 30 years, ABB has pioneered the safety system innovations that have protected people, processes and the environment for generations. Our installed base of safety systems spans more than 55 countries. From the very first safety systems in... more
Satt OCS Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls Automation is the best tool to meet today’s demands for consistent and high product quality, a clean environment and economic production. Satt OCS comprises everything from products to total solutions depending on the customers requests... more
Symphony DCI System Six Conveyor Controls Modular Conveyors In 1979 DCI-4000 was introduced, providing redundant controllers with flexible I/O arrangements. Running a modular controller language called Controlware, it interfaced via a redundant proprietary network to operator interfaces. DCI-5000, introduced in... more
Symphony Harmony INFI 90 Vibratory system Conveyor controls The Harmony/INFI 90 traces its roots back to Bailey Control’s 1980 introduction of its Network 90 System. In 1988, the Network 90 evolved into the INFI 90 system, then ... more
Symphony Melody Vibratory system Conveyor controls Melody is a proven control system with more than 1000 references in various industries such as power plants, chemicals, water and sewage water, petrochemicals and metals... more
Automatic Storage/Retrieval Vehicle - SmartLoader® Conveyor Controls Belt Conveyor Designed specifically for the warehouse environment, SmartLoader is an automatic storage and retrieval vehicle that can move loads to and from palletizers, automated storage & retrieval systems, staging areas, as well as any conventional over-the-road... more
In-line Baggage Screening Conveyor Shorting System Screw Conveyor Webb has extensive expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of Explosion Detection System (EDS) conveyors. With more than fifteen years of experience in providing baggage handling systems, Webb is an attractive resource for airports worldwide... more
Heavy-Duty Roller Conveyor Conveyor Rollers Roller Webb has a long tradition of success in the heavy-duty roller conveyor industry. Our conveyors are at the heart of thousands of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations - providing unmatched reliability in the most demanding environments... more
Brabender FlexWall®Plus Feeder Bulk Material Handling System Feeder Universal metering feeder for bulk solids featuring a paddle-agitated flexible hopper for dependable mass flow and a trapeziform design for compact circular arrangement of up to 8 feeders around a common point of discharge. Available as a volumetric metering... more
The TYC - SR - chain Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls High Quality from Taiwan The TYC chain is a proven branded product with a large share of the Asian, North American and European market. It is manufactured in an ultra-modern ISO 9001 accredited factory in Taiwan and has the same quality standard as... more
Chain sprockets and V-belt pulleys Conveyor Controls Conveyor Pulley * Storage of all popular types and sizes, * V-belts with a Taper Lock - System from WRAXALL (U.K.), up to sizes of 1250mm and 10 grooves * Pilot bored chain sprockets from 06B to 16B Simplex, Duplex, Triplex in all standard teeth numbers... more
The SY-SBR - chain Conveyor Controls Conveyor Pulley The ideal problem solver from SUGIYAMA The Japanese made SUGIYAMA chain is so complete due to modern production processes and an uncompromising quality management, that a 2-3 times longer life than other branded products can be guaranteed. TAGEX is... more
The Precision Micro-Valve Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls The Precision Micro-Valve's innovative symmetrical design allows for dual-direction rotation. Its durable four-piece construction has been completely CNC- machined to precise tolerances, maintaining a lightweight and compact design with a solid one-piece... more
Blower Truck Feeders Conveyor Controls Conveyor Feeder Precision Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. (PMM) is your best source for new feeders and parts. PMM has been manufacturing the highest-quality rotary feeders for 30 years and has more than 15 years experience with blower truck OEMs. We maintain “on the... more
Precision Rotary Feeders Conveyor Controls Conveyor Feeder For over 25 years Precision Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. has produced the finest rotary feeders available. Precise engineering, durable construction and the highest quality materials ensure that each Precision Rotary Feeder we build is the best in... more
Screw Conveyors & Screws Flights Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls Precision Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures screws to any size requirement and from most commercially available materials. We also fabricate conveyor troughing and all components parts in the same material range. Our skilled engineers and... more
V-Belt Driven Curve Conveyors Conveyor Rollers Conveyor controls Medium duty powered roller conveyor for use with our belt driven model. Can be slave driven. 6” Tangent Standard. VBDLR SERIES SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2 HP 220/3/60 Motor ▪ 10 Ga. Frame ▪ 1.9” - 16 Ga. Galv. Rollers ▪ 3” Roller Centers... more
Roller Bed Conveyors Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls This horizontal belt over roller conveyor has been designed to move products and materials from one department to the other. Each roller helps minimize belt friction, thus providing for greater capacities. RB SERIES SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2 HP 220/3/60 Motor... more
Specialty Rollers Conveyor Rollers Conveyor controls WHITE POLY COVER: Non-marking white poly, 1/16 to 1/8” thick. Available on 3/4”, 1-3/8”, 1.9”, and 2” rollers. Good product protection. RUBBER COVER: Black rubber coated rubber coated roller is 1.9” O.D. and 1-5/8” I.D. with 7/16” hex spring loaded... more
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