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AX, BX, CX Section V-Belts (Cogged) Wire Belt Conveyor Belt Recommended for tough, small sheaves and high tension drives, these high horsepower energy savers feature a molded cog design. The compression section provides the gripping action and high coefficient of friction, while at the same time allowing initial... more
LPZ Series Angular Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor LPZ Series General Specifications: * Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt, and Center Drive models * Nose over, Horizontal to Incline, Z-Frame and Walk-Thru configurations * Sealed Bearings * Widths up to 48" (1,219) . Lengths up... more
Prepackaged Motor Controls Conveyor Controls Modular Conveyors Rate Counter & Speed Display This compact multi function display housed in 5” x 5” x 4” deep box, provides Part Counting using a single sensor input or Conveyor Speed using an encoder input. The unit has a single dry output contact to signal batch... more
4100 Series Low Profile Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor 4100 Series General Specifications * Widths up to 12” (305) * Lengths up to 6’ (1,829) * The 1” (25) diameter drive pulley * Load capacity up to 80 lbs.* (36kg) * Belt speeds to 255 ft./min. (78 M/min.) Applications: ... more
3200 Series Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor 3200 Series General Specifications * Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, and Center Drive models * Sealed Bearings * Widths up to 48” (1,219) Wider widths available, consult factory * V-guided and non V-guided... more
MPB Series Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor MPB Series General Specifications * Flat Belt End Drive and Cleated Belt End Drive * 2.6" (66) diameter drive pulley * 3" (76) to 23.25" (591) belt widths * 2' – 30' lengths (610-9,144 mm) * Loads up to 150 lbs. (68 Kg) ... more
2200 Series Low-Profile Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor 2200 Series General Specifications: * Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Gravity Roller and Center Drive models * 1.25" (32 mm) diameter head and tail pulleys * 2" - 24" widths (45-610 mm) * 2' - 24' lengths (610-7,315... more
Take-up Stroke 3, MS-100 Conveyor Components Accessories 100-3-MS-SF-BP. Bearing Bore Range = 1/2\" to 1\" Tube Series = 100 Take Up Stroke = 3 Material = MS Mounting Feet = SF Bearing Plate = BP Also available in Stroke 6, Stroke 9... more
Split Spools Conveyor Components Line Shaft Conveyor New two-piece Split-Spool for Line-shaft conveyors (shaft driven conveyors) quickly replaces standard, one-piece line-shaft spools. Eliminates the need to disassemble the conveyor to replace spools. Saves hours of labor and conveyor downtime. Two... more
Conveyor Roller Sleeve Spacers Belt Conveyor Spare parts Accessories Conveyor roller sleeve spacers made from inverted V-belts. These sleeves provide space between the product and rollers, preventing products (e.g., glass) from touching the rollers. Also lets you raise the height of your conveyors at a fraction of the... more
Motorized Roller Spool Flange Conveyor Rollers Line Shaft Conveyor Belts that run on bare lineshafts (line-shafts) usually “walk and wander”, i.e., screw down the shaft and snap back repeatedly. This causes high frequency vibrations that stretch and abrade belts, greatly reducing belt life. This is one reason why lineshaft... more
Lineshaft Spools & C-Clips Belt Conveyor Spare parts Line Shaft Conveyor Regular Spools float on a lineshaft (line shaft) and function as clutches that will slip when boxes jam or accumulate, thus preventing belts from abrading. They also provide a safer working environment, allowing rollers to stop if hair or hands get caught... more
Metal Detectable Food Grade Belting Wire Belt Conveyor Belt The problem with using elastic urethane belting in the food industry is that a broken belt that falls on a food conveyor cannot be detected with metal detectors, so it can get packaged with the food. Our new Metal Detectable belts, made from round, food... more
Cold Resistant Belts Wire Belt Conveyor Belt For low temperature environments from 0°F to -40°F (-17°C to -40°C) we recommend our solid Hytrel ® belts, stretched 8%. Good for refrigerated, deep freeze cold rooms, sushi warehouses, and ice cream plants. These cold resistant belts have a good elastic... more
Heat Resistant Belts Wire Belt Belt Conveyor Dura-Belt’s High Temperature Belts are probably the only elastic belts that work well at hot temperatures. These round, heat resistant belts come in two options: 1. Ultra High Temperature Urethane Belts. Tan color. 90A durometer. Works up to 230oF... more
ConveyXonicTM Poly-V Conveyor Belts Wire Belt Belt Conveyor Dura-Belt is a master distributor for Hutchison’s new ConveyXonic High Tension Poly-V® powered roller belts (also called multi-rib belts,V-ribbed belts, and Micro-V® belts). These truly endless, elastic nylon reinforced, rubber belts can greatly extend... more
Chain Conveyor System Chain Conveyor The Ancra chain conveyor system is the best solution for freight on standard pallets. The chain tracks are electrically driven and take care of fast and safe movement of the pallets. Our chain conveyor system has a low weight and is especially suitable... more
Advant OCS with MOD 300 SW 3d System Conveyor controls The MOD 300 Distributed Control System (DCS) was introduced in 1984 with features such as Integrated Control Languages CCF and TCL, Redundant Communication Network (DCN), Redundant Controllers, History and Reports, and Bulk Data I/O. In 1988 the... more
Compact Products 800 Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls Compact Products 800 is a range of products that can be used individually or combined to create cost effective control solutions to fulfill a wide range of customer needs. Compact Products 800 are built with openness in mind and based... more
Advant OCS with Master Software Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls Advant OCS (Open Control System) is an ABB solution for operators to improve their manufacturing productivity and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Advant OCS (Open Control System) is an ABB solution for operators to improve their manufacturing... more
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