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Multiflex chain C-1701TAB Conveyor Components Chain Conveyor Code: C-1701TAB Width(mm): 52.4mm Side flex radius: 150mm Work load (Max): 4000N Material: POM Pin material: Stainless Steel. Application: Patch technology Thermoplastic Multiflex chains are especially suitable for food and packaging industries... more
Modular chain perforated top side flexing C-7100 Conveyor Components Modular Conveyors Part_Number: C-7100 Side flexing. Material: POM Specification: Pitch=25.4mm Pin material: PP Color: White&Blue Temperature of operation in air (°C): -20° to +60° Available on request: various chain width, other material and colors. Application:... more
Modular chain perforated top side flexing C-2400 Conveyor Components Modular Conveyors Part_Number: C-2400 Side flexing. Material: POM Specification: Pitch=45mm Pin material: PP Color: White Temperature of operation in air (Centigrade): -20deg to +60deg Available on request: various chain width, other material and colors. Application:... more
MPB Series Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor MPB Series General Specifications * Flat Belt End Drive and Cleated Belt End Drive * 2.6" (66) diameter drive pulley * 3" (76) to 23.25" (591) belt widths * 2' – 30' lengths (610-9,144 mm) * Loads up to 150 lbs. (68 Kg) ... more
Motorized Roller Spool Flange Conveyor Rollers Line Shaft Conveyor Belts that run on bare lineshafts (line-shafts) usually “walk and wander”, i.e., screw down the shaft and snap back repeatedly. This causes high frequency vibrations that stretch and abrade belts, greatly reducing belt life. This is one reason why lineshaft... more
Metal Detectable Food Grade Belting Wire Belt Conveyor Belt The problem with using elastic urethane belting in the food industry is that a broken belt that falls on a food conveyor cannot be detected with metal detectors, so it can get packaged with the food. Our new Metal Detectable belts, made from round, food... more
Medium Duty Series Gauge Tubing Crowned Pulleys Conveyor Rollers Conveyor Pulley Medium Duty Gauge Tubing Crowned Pulley - 8" Diameter Chantland hydro-crowned pulleys are used throughout the packaging, warehouse, distribution center and baggage handling industries Our proprietary process ensures a true crown, with minimal run out... more
Material Handling Systemss Conveyor Controls Materials Handling Equipment sMaterial handling systems move raw materials, part components, final parts and everything in between from one location in your facility to another. This can consist of a simple transport path, or a complex route with production steps throughout. Our... more
Machinery Component Conveyor spare parts Materials Handling Equipment V-belts, custom-made special sizes Linear bearings on shafts Linear bearings and components Precision metric CARDAN shafts and joints Compression springs, disc springs, metric Supply Range: ... more
Motors Conveyor Components Conveyor Motion Control control systems for electric motors Ex-proof electric motors Gear motors, coupled with worm gear box Speed regulating motor Stepper motors DC motors 3-phase motors, American and European... more
Multi-Directional Conveyors General Conveyor System Sorting Conveyor These units use a single drive with a connecting link to power another conveyor going in the opposite direction, one conveyor on top of another or 90 degrees to the main directional flow. These are layout problem solving designs that save space and energy... more
Mini-Wheels® Lightweight Wheels For Carton Flow & Gravity Flow Conveyors General Conveyor System Portable Conveyor Versatile Applications Carton flow Gravity flow Live storage applications Order picking Process conveyors & material handling Light to medium weight applications All Plastic Construction Lightweight ... more
Module based conveyor systems General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor Twin-track pallet conveyor system XT Features: Twin-track flexible plastic chain pallet conveyor system. Modular design concept for simplified engineering and ordering. Fast configuration and plug-andplay capability... more
Montech : Automation Components Conveyor Controls Conveyor Motion Control AUTOMATION Components are a modular system for automated assembly. All components are equipped with our proven dovetail system and are therefore compatible with all Montech products, as well as being easy to assemble. The components below... more
Montech : Conveyor Systems General Conveyor System Automatic Conveyor CONVEYORS Beside our intelligent conveying system, we also offer ordinary and configurable conveyors in three different versions and an asynchronous conveyor system. The products are based on our many years of experience and are known... more
MPG Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor By utilizing many of our standard extrusion profiles and connectors, MPG can provide a belt or plastic chain conveyor to meet your specific requirements. With a wide selection of motor drive packages to select from, MPG can provide a ... more
Modu-Flex 83 General Conveyor System Modular Conveyors MODU-FLEX 83 is the flexible modular system yet. It was developed around an exclusive chain design for AMC. This multi-flex chain design is capable of tight, 150 mm corner radius. The conveyor will carry product up to 202 kg (445 lbs) and speeds... more
Metzgar Conveyors General Conveyor System Belt Conveyor Line Shaft Conveyors - Line Shaft conveyors are typically used to transport, accumulate, diverge and/or converge cartons and totes. Gravity and Ball Transfer Conveyors - Gravity conveyors, including ball transfers, are used... more
McKenzie: Material Handling Systems General Conveyor System Roller Conveyor McKenzie offers a full line of material handling equipment for all your factory and warehouse needs including conveyors, flow racks, containers, in-plant offices, mezzanines, ergonomic equipment such as work stations, manipulator devices, vertical... more
McKenzie: Stainless Steel Conveyors General Conveyor System Stainless Steel Conveyor STAINLESS STEEL * All S/S Construction * End or Center Drive * V-Belt Tracking Guide on Belt * Frames Are 27/8\" High * 10ga 304 #3 Polish * S/S Bearings * Wash Down Duty * High Speed Drives * Indexing ... more
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