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Key-Turn havey duty radius belting Conveyor spare parts Conveyor Belt Key Turn Belt Characteristics: Key-Turn belting has all the characteristics of straight line flat wire belts, with the additional advantage of being able to make right or left turns of up to 180 degrees in combination with straight line travel. Having... more
KWS: Drag Conveyors Waste Processing Equipment Drag Conveyor Drag Conveyors: Used for Metering or Conveying Can be Single or Multiple Strand ... more
Kryptane® Polyurethane Sheet Products General Conveyor System We formulate unique proprietary Kryptane® urethane materials specifically tailored to meet the demands of your particular wear application, whether it be sliding or impact abrasion, sticking or corrosion. Our lightweight Kryptane® material eases installation... more
Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks General Conveyor System Portable Conveyor Karry-All At A Glance Load & Unload Aircraft Cargo Fast Two model heights: Low-Lift & High-Lift Hauling Cargo Cross-Town, Warehouse, Airport Speed, Reliability, & Economy Designed For Ease Maintenance ... more
Kornylak Pioneered Palletflo® Urethane Wheels For Pallet Flow Live Storage General Conveyor System Portable Conveyor Pallet Flow Gravity Conveyors Safe and Reliable Controls Speed Smoothly and Safely Protects Products from Damage Flows Mixed loads in a Single Lane Handles all standard Wooden Pallets Compensates for... more
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