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Printing Belts Machine Tapes

Product Name: Printing Belts Machine Tapes

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Product Description

Printing Belts Users of automated machinery such as Miehle, Miller, Marinoni, Muller-Martini, Goss, Baum, Heidelberg, Harris and others have relied on Michigan Industrial Belting to provide tapes and round belts for those demanding applications where down time simple cannot be tolerated. We maintain a large inventory of Habasit, Nitta, Siegling and many other manufacturer's belting. Our expertise allows us to custom cut and make all widths and lengths. We understand the needs of customers who print paper. Our belts don't stretch or mark the paper, they dissipate static electricity, and are easy for you to join while on your machine. Machine Tapes A carefully designed and balanced product assortment allows you to apply the right machine tape for even the most challenging applications. High friction rubber covers provide aggressive grabbing power for accurate paper processing. Abrasion resistant elastomers lead to long tape life. Special surface structures reduce ink transfer and result in maximum performance under normal and adverse running conditions. Special rubber formulas provide printing solution, oil and chemical resistance.

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Company Details

Michigan Industrial Belting offers a complete line of crowned and flat-face conveyor pulleys and industrial rollers. Virtually any diameter, wall thickness, length, any shaft size and lagging type is available. Speaking of lagging, "don't lag... more

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