4100 Series Low Profile Belt Conveyors  
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4100 Series Low Profile Belt Conveyors

Product Name: 4100 Series Low Profile Belt Conveyors

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Product Description

4100 Series General Specifications
* Widths up to 12” (305) * Lengths up to 6’ (1,829) * The 1” (25) diameter drive pulley * Load capacity up to 80 lbs.* (36kg) * Belt speeds to 255 ft./min. (78 M/min.)

* Metal Forming * Metal Stamping * Machined Part Handling

Steel construction
* Tight space * Basic conveying needs * Rugged Environment * Low maintenance

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Company Details

Dorner - Conveyor Systems Manufacturer

Dorner Mfg. Corp. Conveyor Manufacturer,

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Mfg. Corp. is a world leading conveyor manufacturer in not only the design, but manufacturing and... more

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