Chain Conveyor System  
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Chain Conveyor System

Product Name: Chain Conveyor System

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Product Description

The Ancra chain conveyor system is the best solution for freight on standard pallets. The chain tracks are electrically driven and take care of fast and safe movement of the pallets. Our chain conveyor system has a low weight and is especially suitable for pallets with standard measurements. Because the system is standardized it can be easily installed on 95% of new or used trailers, without making major adjustments to the bodywork. This is the fact for standard trailers as well as trailers equipped with a refrigerator system. The drive unit is installed in a compact way at the front of the trailer, whereby the full original length of the trailer can be utilized. The chain conveyor systems is very interesting because it is characterized by a very fast return on investment time. Using the Ancra chain conveyor system the loading and unloading of trucks is very easy, even if it is utilized in cold storage facilities.

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Chain Conveyor System

Company Details

Ancra Systems is THE specialist in the field of automatic truck (un)loading systems, also known as ATLS: from standard systems to customised solutions. Geared to your industry and calculated to meet your logistic requirements. more

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