Symphony Harmony INFI 90  
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Symphony Harmony INFI 90

Product Name: Symphony Harmony INFI 90

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Product Description

The Harmony/INFI 90 traces its roots back to Bailey Controlís 1980 introduction of its Network 90 System. In 1988, the Network 90 evolved into the INFI 90 system, then to INFI 90 OPEN system in 1992, and then to Harmony/INFI 90 System in 1996. This 25+ year system evolution process brought many key enhancements while protecting initial system investment through long-term product support and functional backward compatibility.

In 2003, the Harmony/INFI 90 System began its next advancement in the evolution process with the introduction of Industrial IT System 800xA. Now you get the benefit of off-the-shelf technology applications totally based on common industry standards such as enhanced operations and maintenance personal workplaces, asset optimization, information management, and state-of-art input/output (I/O) technology products. System 800xA extends the functionality of your installed systems so you can take advantage of this rich set of new and enhanced functionality.

Our 25+ yearsí commitment to our system owners continues with R&D investments in the current Harmony/INFI 90 system providing you with long-term product viability and complete control of your evolution process.

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Company Details

Technology plays a key role for ABB. We have activities all over the world working to develop unique technologies that make our customers more competitive, while minimizing environmental impact
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