Symphony DCI System Six  
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Symphony DCI System Six

Product Name: Symphony DCI System Six

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Product Description

In 1979 DCI-4000 was introduced, providing redundant controllers with flexible I/O arrangements. Running a modular controller language called Controlware, it interfaced via a redundant proprietary network to operator interfaces. DCI-5000, introduced in 1985, provided an open network interface using redundant Ethernet communications. In 1992 System Six with redundant rack mounted Distributed Control Units and a flexible I/O mix was introduced. The operator interface implemented X-Windows and MS Windows based products. DCI System Six became part of the Symphony family of products in 1997. Advancements included the introduction of Windows-based products, open communication protocol, increased speed and memory capacity, and a multi-user engineering environment. In 2002, Symphony DCI began its next step in the evolution process with the introduction of Industrial IT enabled products, S800 & S900 I/O.

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Company Details

Technology plays a key role for ABB. We have activities all over the world working to develop unique technologies that make our customers more competitive, while minimizing environmental impact
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