Automatic Storage/Retrieval Vehicle - SmartLoaderŪ  
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Automatic Storage/Retrieval Vehicle - SmartLoaderŪ

Product Name: Automatic Storage/Retrieval Vehicle - SmartLoaderŪ

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Product Description

Designed specifically for the warehouse environment, SmartLoader is an automatic storage and retrieval vehicle that can move loads to and from palletizers, automated storage & retrieval systems, staging areas, as well as any conventional over-the-road trailer. If automatic trailer unloading is your objective, SmartLoader can also remove loads from a trailer and deliver them anywhere in your warehouse. Equipped with LADAR technology, this automatic trailer loading vehicle dynamically adapts to each trailer, so you don’t have to worry about making trailer modifications. This revolutionary technology allows you to pick up pallets and stack them with pinpoint accuracy in a variety of configurations as well as optimize trailer space by placing loads at the end of the trailer. To help meet your specific needs, SmartLoader is available in three different models and uses either inertial or laser guidance to move around a warehouse. SmartLoader can deliver or retrieve single or dual palletized loads weighing up to 7,000 pounds. Additionally, SmartLoader can be integrated with other Webb technology such as a SmartCart, Webb's Automatic Guided Cart, and an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) to improve efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center. SmartLoader helps industries from food and beverage to durable goods reduce labor and operation costs while optimizing productivity and inventory control.

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Company Details

Conveyor Parts Information Worldwide manufacturer of conveyor parts such as trolleys, I-beam tracks, drive chains, chain attachments master pin kits, safety devices, roller turn rollers, roller conveyor rollers, wheels & backup bar kits.... more

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