In-line Baggage Screening Conveyor  
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In-line Baggage Screening Conveyor

Product Name: In-line Baggage Screening Conveyor

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Product Description

Webb has extensive expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of Explosion Detection System (EDS) conveyors. With more than fifteen years of experience in providing baggage handling systems, Webb is an attractive resource for airports worldwide looking to install new in-line baggage screening systems or upgrade their existing systems. We have implemented dozens of systems that comply with requirements mandated by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). Webb combines our in-line baggage screening systems with our advanced Webb-View controls to ensure that cleared bags are sent to the airline make-up area and suspect bags are sent for further inspection. Our systems are installed in a phased approach to minimize disruption to airport operations. Once installed, the new systems automate the screening process allowing security personnel to check passenger baggage more efficiently.

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Company Details

Conveyor Parts Information Worldwide manufacturer of conveyor parts such as trolleys, I-beam tracks, drive chains, chain attachments master pin kits, safety devices, roller turn rollers, roller conveyor rollers, wheels & backup bar kits.... more

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