Blower Truck Feeders  
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Blower Truck Feeders

Product Name: Blower Truck Feeders

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Product Description

Precision Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. (PMM) is your best source for new feeders and parts. PMM has been manufacturing the highest-quality rotary feeders for 30 years and has more than 15 years experience with blower truck OEMs. We maintain “on the shelf” inventory to quickly respond to your parts and equipment needs and will promptly solve your problems, whether you need a complete replacement feeder or just a few repair parts.We can also completely remanufacture your 16x25, 18x33 or Series 3 fabricated feeder to like-new condition at a substantial savings over a new unit. If you have experienced packing problems using certain kinds of media in your Series 4 or Series 5 feeder, our open-vaned rotor kit may be extremely effective in keeping your truck operating.

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Company Details

Manufacturer & designer of standard & custom material handling conveyor systems. Conveyors are made of alloys, mild steel, stainless steel, 400 to 500 Brinell materials & Tri-Braze® materials. Screw conveyor packages are available with drive... more

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