Precision Rotary Feeders  
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Precision Rotary Feeders

Product Name: Precision Rotary Feeders

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Product Description

For over 25 years Precision Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. has produced the finest rotary feeders available. Precise engineering, durable construction and the highest quality materials ensure that each Precision Rotary Feeder we build is the best in its class. Limitless Option - Customized Products Precision Rotary Feeders come in a wide variety of sizes for your particular needs. Should you have a special material or size requirement our engineering department will design a feeder to your exact specifications. No matter which Precision Rotary Feeder you choose, you'll receive the finest, most reliable piece of equipment available.Optional Mounting Frame Every Precision Rotary Feeder is available with an optional feeder mounting frame with an injector tee, check valve and bottom knife access door custom designed to fit your line size and center lines. Long Life Each Precision Rotary Feeder is accompanied with instruction and safety stickers affixed in the appropriate places; and with your regular maintenance and inspection program, your Precision Rotary Feeder will give you many years of reliable service. Efficient Design Your Precision Rotary Feeder has an extra-thick barrel designed to be rebuilt many times before needing replacement. We can also rebuild your old feeders to "like new" condition, and we offer a trade-in allowance for your used feeder when you replace it with a new Precision Rotary Feeder.

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Company Details

Manufacturer & designer of standard & custom material handling conveyor systems. Conveyors are made of alloys, mild steel, stainless steel, 400 to 500 Brinell materials & Tri-Braze® materials. Screw conveyor packages are available with drive... more

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