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Automated Robotic Systems

Product Name: Automated Robotic Systems

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Product Description

Tuttle, Inc. creates Automated Robotic Systems consisting of one-of-a-kind, fully automated equipment designed to perform a certain task. More complex than straight material transfer, our equipment can be designed and fabricated to: * Pick and place materials * Dispense materials * Perform assembly operations * Perform inspection operations As well as any other capability your facility requires. We can design our equipment to handle raw materials such as powders, liquids, aggregates, bulk materials or products such as packaging materials, finished parts and part sub-components. Custom Designed Equipment: Our completely automated equipment can be designed for applications such as: * Material Handling Systems * Processing Systems * Robotic Assembly Operations * Automated Production Machines o Adhesive Application o Finishing Operations o Welding * Inspection Machines o Visual (camera) Inspection o Tolerance Inspection o Ultrasonic Inspection * Physical Testing o Size o Level * Weight Verification o Check Weighers We have also designed bar-coding systems where our automated equipment applies and verifies bar-code labels. Any Automated Robotic System can be built for integration into: * Packaging Systems * Processing Systems * Pnumatic Product Handling Systems * Custom Assembly Lines System Components: Tuttle, Inc.'s custom designed Automated Robotic Systems are made entirely to our customers' specifications. When it comes to automated pick and place operations we can implement any type of articulated arm robotics that may currently exist at the facility, or a specific brand and model that our customers want. If there is no preference in robotic component, we can use Motoman, Denso or various other brands of robotics that meet the production application. For any linear 2D/3D application, Tuttle, Inc. custom builds pick and place robotics for various packaging, assembly and material transfer application. We can fabricate our equipment with: * Electric/Servo Motor Drives * Hydraulic Actuators * Pneumatics with Solenoid Valves We can also fabricate and install structures and enclosures such as: * Fixtures * Tables * Carts * Platforms * Catwalks * Stairs * Ladders We build to meet OSHA regulations using hand rails, guards, interlock switches and any other safety feature necessary for your machinery. Installation Process: Installation of Tuttle, Inc. fabricated equipment or owner supplied equipment consists of: * Piping Installation o Air, Water ,Gas, Steam, Condensate, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Wast, and Sanitary Piping o Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Fiberglass, and PVC piping materials o Threaded, Welded , and Adhesive connections o Orbital Welding Capabilities * Conveyor Installation * Maintenance Services * Certified Welding Services * Equipment Rigging and Setting * Equipment Relocation * Platforms/Catwalks/Guarding * Equipment Removal Quality Control Assurance: We offer multiple stages of review for our clients throughout the design and fabrication processes to ensure that the Automated Robotic System or system component meets all of our customers' needs. Before we bring the machinery to be installed in our customers' facilities, we invite them to come to our plant and run their own test while the equipment is still in-house. This allows us to make any changes our customers might want before it hits their floor. Tuttle, Inc. also performs Preventative and Predictive Maintenance once the system or equipment is installed. Through our customized serivce contracts, knowledgeable and experienced service team, and detailed inspection reports our customers will know of potential problems before they become a costly failure. Our maintenance and quality assurance program includes providing: * Spare Parts * System Tuning and Balancing * System Audits * System Upgrades and Improvements

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Company Details

Mechanical contractor specializing in design, fabrication & installation of custom equipment. Products include turnkey systems such as raw material handling systems, packaging systems, processing systems, pneumatic product handling, access &... more

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