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Welding Services

Product Name: Welding Services

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Product Description

Tuttle, Inc. has a staff of certified welders available for all types of piping and plumbing sytem installations. Our team has experience with all welding methods and materials. We have specialized equipment available for specific welding applications. This includes an Orbital Tube welder and an Infrared Pipe welder for plastic piping. These pieces of equipment paired with the manual MIG, TIG and Stick Welding techniques allow Tuttle, Inc. to be a full service welding and piping installation operation. Orbital Tube Welding: Tuttle, Inc. has added orbital tube and pipe welding capabilities to its already power packed line up of professional design, fabrication, installation, and project management services. Tuttle has a self-contained Gas Tungsten Arc Orbital Welding System. With the orbital welder the applications are endless, but this system is especially designed for sanitary welds and product piping ideal for the pharmaceutical and food process industries that require sanitary welds. The orbital welding system assures conformance of pharmaceutical piping system installations to Good Manufacturing Practices. Orbital welding technology has played a vital role in improving piping system quality because of the smoothness of the inner weld bead and the repeatability of the process. These properties of orbital welds are critical for assuring clean and sterile pipe systems essential in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The orbital welder is very small in size which makes it especially useful in field applications where portability is a must. This system allows for totally automatic fusion welding of tube, pipe, and fittings. Multi-level pulsed current, torch rotation speed and timing controls allow the establishment of optimum welding schedules on a large variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses from 16 gauge up to schedule 40 pipe. Benefits of Orbital Tube Welding: Orbital Tube Welding has many benefits over the manual welding pipes and tubes. It can be used in various applications including: * Piping in narrow spaces. When space restricts a welder from physically accessing the pipe, Orbital Tube Welding is a beneficial alternative. * Piping that cannot be rotated.Orbital tube welders use an enclosed head which allow the pipe to remain static while welded. * Repeatible welds.The automated welding process is consistent once programmed into the machine, eliminating natural variations in man-made welds. Infrared Plastic Welding: Tuttle, Inc. can now assist you with installation and welding of High Purity Plastic Pipe using a CNC Infrared Welder. This new, fully automatic welder enables Tuttle to precision weld pipes and fittings from 20 mm up to 90 mm OD. It operates using a fully automated control program sequence and weld log memory. Weld parameter settings are input through bar coding or code entry from the keyboard of the CNC-unit. Connection directly to a PC is also possible allowing a thorough evaluation of measurement values, weld validation, and system diagnostics. Types of Welding: Tuttle, Inc. has a staff of certified welders as well as automated welders. We can providing welding services such as: * MIG Welding * TIG Welding * SMAW Welding * Orbital Tube Welding * Infrared Plastic Welding

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Company Details

Mechanical contractor specializing in design, fabrication & installation of custom equipment. Products include turnkey systems such as raw material handling systems, packaging systems, processing systems, pneumatic product handling, access &... more

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