Hypreme hygienic concepts  
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Hypreme hygienic concepts

Product Name: Hypreme hygienic concepts

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Product Description

Hygiene and screw conveyors come together in the name Hypreme. This is a new concept of Van Beek, where controlling hygiene is the starting principle. Especially developed for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The entire design concentrates on preventing micro-bacterial growth and enabling deep cleaning and validation. Van Beek makes the right choices in the areas of the construction, finishing level and sealings. Hypreme offers control for the production processes where everything is about hygiene.
Would you like to know more about Hypreme? Please contact us or visit our website at www.hypreme.com

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Company Details

The screw conveyors that we build are customized piece by piece, but above all they are build by professionals. Since we are development and production specialists, we have gathered a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship. We take pride in... more

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