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Product Name: Chains

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Product Description

High temperature resistant chains

Food industry chains

Conveyor chains, custom-made

Hollow bolt chains, metric pitch

Stainless steel chains

Product Info:

We specialize in specially designed, custom-made chains. For most purposes we can offer a chain with special attachments and it\'s special and matching sprockets. Our specialty:

High Temperature Resistant Chains
Made from special steel alloys, resisting up to 600 ° C. Used in ovens and furnaces with temperatures up to the indicated range.

Metric Hollow Pin Chains
The chain for special requirements in coveying and production. Available with matching sprockets, with steel rails and with conveying buckets.

Stainless Steel Chains, Nickel-Plated Chains
Chains for the food industry, for Degreasing and washing applications. Chains can be equipped with special attachments, so we supply sprockets made of stainless steel and plastic.

Cross-link chains (Bi-Planar Chain)
A special chain, allowing to convey in 2 planes. An interesting option, passing the limitations of the standard roller chains. Please inquire for details. Available pitch: 1 1 / 8 \", 1 1 / 2\", 2 \"

Supply Range:

- Precision chains for drives, conveying and transport systems. In metric and inch-pitch. Custom-made special chains, in small quantities.
- Roller chains, standard ISO and ANSI standard
- Roller chains with attachments: elongated bolts, angle attachments, special attachments, custom-made
- Stainless steel roller chains: standard and chains with attachments. Special chains for the food industry.
- Hollow pin chains: Metric inch pitch and pitch. Special version, custom-made.
- Heat resistant chains: Metric pitch chains with hollow pins and with solid pins.
- Conveyor chains: Chains with conveying buckets and chains with pusher rods.
- Top plate chains: Cross-link chains and galle chains.
- Chain sprockets and wheels: standard versions with minimum bore or bore custom-made, or with bearing seats. Available as well: Sprockets with bearings and shaft, readily mounted.
- Chain rails: Standard or special plastic versions. Heavy duty steel rails available as well.
To Inquire:
Please provide us with:
- Pitch and required standard (ISO or ANSI)
- Form and distance (please send a sketch-drawing Detailing your requirements)

Special requirements:
- Stainless, nickel-plated, heat resistant, ...
- Chain pitch, standard, number of teeth, materials required, surface treatment
- Width and diameter of hub, bore diameter (you may sent a sketch drawing indicating what you need)

Safety Advise:

Only trained and certified technicians shall change chains or sprockets. Suitably sized tools should be available, to avoid damaging the machine during such a repair.
Check correct selection and function of a chain, check for correct tension of chains. Assure adequate lubrication to obtain a smooth run and a long service life of a chain. Mount covers all protection and safety devices before re-starting a machine after changing a chain or a sprocket.

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Company Details

For 10 years PFANDER has supplied leading aluminium packaging manufactures in many countries with a range of special conveying systems. Some years ago, the maintenance technicians of our customers – the people actually using these parts –... more

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