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Gear Boxes

Product Name: Gear Boxes

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Gear Boxes

Product Description

We supply heavy duty gearbox built for continuous operation in the industrial production.Gearbox come in closed steel boxes or aluminum boxes, with oil-seals for low maintenance and long life-time.Select a gearbox with sufficient size to carry the load of the intended operation.

Planetary gearbox

Bevel gearbox

Spare parts: Gear sets, seals, bearings

Worm gearbox

Indexing gearbox

Regulating speed gearbox

Product Info:

Oil Lubrication
For heavy duty and for all worm gearbox and Indexes, oil lubrication is recommended.
These gearbox must be mounted in the correct position: Oil indicator glass and ventilation valves have to be in the right place in order to avoid spillage and oil seal damage.Use the correct lubricant to assure a long-time sevice.

Grease Lubrication
For standard applications, bevel gearbox can be used with grease lubrication.This is less complicated, and oil level does not have to be controlled.

Supply Range:

Gearbox as used for industrial machinery:

- Bevel gearbox:
Heavy duty version in square steel cube, 1:1 ratios up to 1:6, Palloid spiral-formed teeth.

- Worm gearbox:
Heavy duty cast iron version in housing or in aluminum casting, 5:1 ratios up to 82:1,
a wide range of power ratings are available.

- Regulating speed gearbox:
Steel-ball speed regulating gear boxes, power for 0.18 - 7.5 kW, special versions up to 50 kW.

- Planetary gearbox:
Easy mounting system on standard motors, 3:1 ratios up to 512:1.

- Indexing gearbox:
For indexing and oscillating movements movements.Version Gloiboid-cam and cam drum-types.

- Repair sets for gearbox:
Gears and shafts, gear wheels, bearings and oil seals.Cam followers for indexing gears.

To Inquire:

Please provide us with:

Brand-manufacturer/model number / serial number of the gearbox to be replaced.

Or, if available:

- Application of the gearbox (a sketch drawing may help us to select better)
- RPM: Infeed and outfeed
- KW and torque at outfeed shaft
- Shape and dimensions of shafts Infeed and outfeed.
- Special requirements, if any.

Safety Advise:

Only trained and certified technicians shall change gearbox.Suitable tools should be available to avoid damaging the machine during such a repair.
Gearbox are imporant for the safe operation of machines.Mount all safety devices and check their functions before starting a machine.

Company Details

For 10 years PFANDER has supplied leading aluminium packaging manufactures in many countries with a range of special conveying systems. Some years ago, the maintenance technicians of our customers the people actually using these parts ... more

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Gear Boxes

Company Details


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