ADR® : ADR® 4 high-resolution Vis/IR cameras  
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ADR® : ADR® 4 high-resolution Vis/IR cameras

Product Name: ADR® : ADR® 4 high-resolution Vis/IR cameras

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ADR® : ADR® 4 high-resolution Vis/IR cameras

Product Description

Key’s Automatic Defect Removal (ADR®) systems process over 95 percent of the world\'s frozen potato strips. The ADR® 4 combines high-resolution Vis/IR cameras, our patented belt conveyor, our patented rotary cutter, and our Iso-Flo® high-speed vibratory conveyors to align, singulate, scan, and trim potato strips with unparalleled speed and precision. This system eliminates manual trimming and inspection, and improves cutting accuracy and good-product recovery.

Features and Benefits


  • Enhanced defect detection for peel-on products
  • Flexibility for varied product specifications
  • Better recovery of good product
  • Higher capacity
  • Optimal performance for a variety of products
  • Quick, easy changeover from one product to another
  • Economical—simple, fast sanitation and maintenance

Image Sensor

  • Detects both visible and infrared light—identifies peel, good flesh, and defects
  • For peel-on product, recognizes peel as good product
  • For peeled product, recognizes peel as defect


  • All solid-state
  • No calibration
  • No bulbs


  • Selectively cuts for length, and at the same time removes defects, at lower capacities
  • Ignore internal minor defects if cutting would create shorts
  • Halves over-long fries to control size reduction and grade
  • Reduces downstream breakage of over length fries
  • Allows for product pre-grading to blend with higher percentages of short cuts

Common Product Applications

  • Potato strips

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ADR® : ADR® 4 high-resolution Vis/IR cameras

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