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Product Description

 “DEBONAIR” offers Portable belt conveyors of standard belt width 600mm. especially for bag handling to give capacity of 500 to 700 bags per hour for 100kg bags. Conveyors of suitable belt width as per customer\'s individual requirements and site conditions are also available. Light weight but rigid tubular frame mounted on pneumatic A.D.V. tyres and castor wheel for easy movement. Side guards are provided at feeding point to guide bag on the belt. Being a portable unit it can be easily adjusted to any position and inter connected by link chutes.

Idlers and pulleys are manufactured as per relevant IS and CEMA standards. Idlers are lubricated for life and properly seal to avoid periodical maintenance. We use good quality being, standard drive units with suitable starter and switch fuse unit. Procurement of standard interchangeable parts within a short period of notice and prompt after sales service are our special features. Less power consumption, good workmanship and trouble free performance are the qualities associated with the name “DEBONAIR”

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