Conveying Technology\'s Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors  
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Conveying Technology\'s Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

Product Name: Conveying Technology\'s Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

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Product Description

Zero Pressure Accumulation (Z.P.A) Conveyors are primarily used as a means of storing product prior to an operation being performed such as weighing, wrapping or palletizing. Products been conveyed by Z.P.A are required to have flat and rigid bases with weights that do not exceed 50 kg per metre (U.D.L – uniformed distributed load), and having an overall length greater then 160mm. Products generally transported by Z.P.A conveyors are boxes, cartons, containers and trays. Using Z.P.A conveyors minimizes the damage to product as zero line pressure is applied to the product during accumulation.

Z.P.A is achieved by removal of drive to designated zones by disengagement of pneumatically operated clutches. On line accumulation of product allows for goods to be selectively available for a following operation whilst maximizing line storage capacity and minimizing product storage.

Con-tec Z.P.A conveying systems can be designed to individual requirements from the following product range.
Straight beds Drive / Slave at standard lengths of 1200,1800,2400,3000 other lengths are available based on increments of 75mm.

Curve beds Drive / Slave at 33.75, 45, 56.25, 90, 180 deg Merge beds Slave at 33.75, 45, 56.25, 90 deg

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Company Details

Conveying Technology Pty Ltd started as a division of Wisby and Leonard , an Australian Owned high technology based engineering company, that commenced operations in 1980.

Incorporating the knowledge and experience gained from... more

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