Conveying Technology\'s Lineshaft  
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Conveying Technology\'s Lineshaft

Product Name: Conveying Technology\'s Lineshaft

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Product Description

Lineshaft conveyors are primarily used as a transportation system, designed to transport products that have flat and rigid bases with weights that do not exceed 50 kg per metre (U.D.L – uniformed distributed load), and having an overall length greater then 160mm. Products generally transported by lineshaft conveyors are boxes, cartons , containers and trays.

Lineshaft conveyors are based on the principal of providing drive for individual rollers from a common drive shaft. Employing endless drive belts running in the roller end caps, which are crossed over the shaft spools, providing a torque limiting function, that creates the drive.

Con-tec Linshaft conveying systems can be designed to individual requirements from the following product range:

Straight beds Drive / Slave at standard lengths of 1200,1800,2400,3000 other lengths are available based on increments of 75mm.

Curve beds Drive / Slave at 33.75, 45, 56.25, 90, 180 deg Merge beds Slave at 33.75, 45, 56.25, 90 deg Gates at a standard length of 1275mm

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Company Details

Conveying Technology Pty Ltd started as a division of Wisby and Leonard , an Australian Owned high technology based engineering company, that commenced operations in 1980.

Incorporating the knowledge and experience gained from... more

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