Bale Breaker  
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Bale Breaker

Product Name: Bale Breaker

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Product Description

Hustler's hydraulically driven Bale Breaker quickly and efficiently singulates aluminum cans and plastic bottles from bales produced by high-density balers which could increase production up to 100%.

Our unique design helps prevent clustering and also material tearing and shredding into small pieces, which allows for easy sorting, while producing a steady even flow of material.

Determined by Bale size the Bale Breaker comes in widths from 54 to 84. Variable speed electric drives are also available.

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Company Details

Conveyor Dynamics manufactures a comprehensive line of vibratory conveyors and other vibrating equipment. We believe that our future rests on each and every conveying system we build. Our commitment goes beyond design, engineering and... more

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