Automotive industry specialty conveyors  
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Automotive industry specialty conveyors

Product Name: Automotive industry specialty conveyors

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Product Description

When it comes to conveyor systems, it\'s important to be able to meet extremely specific needs while at the same time working with proven standards of efficiency.

We offer a modular system of perfectly matched solutions for all transport, storage and interlinked processes – for clocked or continuous transport and for all required process disciplines, in line with the time specifications of your production system. Whether parts for your assembly area are kept in stock, for example, or are supplied for processing just in time, the customized combination of standard components enables you to meet all requirements. This includes the following areas:

Module assembly
“Just-in-time” is mandatory for suppliers today, regardless of whether the supplier is a global partner or located close to the automobile plant. And our modular assembly concepts enable this. For each manufacturing concept, we take into account the overall accountability of the module assembly areas, in some cases extending to automated, just-in-time or just-in-sequence installation in the vehicle.

Assembly automation
Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of solutions for implementing manufacturing, transport and buffer functions. Whether it’s via roller conveyor or belt conveyor, our systems can deliver the correct seat model in the desired color and version straight into the vehicle in the right position for installation.

Quality control
Whether components are delivered individually or bundled, conveyor systems from Almac are suitable for any logistics strategy, any number of different variations and any weight or volume. These include our space-saving systems which enable implementation of networked conveyor and storage systems to transport, for example, basic and add-on gears, transverse control arms or all types of axle assemblies.

Assembly of engines and gears
What variations are being manufactured? Is the material flow clocked or continuous? Our device carriers and conveyor modules for engine and gears assembly can meet all your requirements, thanks to time-variable delivery to any number of work zones, and work processes with mandatory documentation.

Dismantling and reassembly
We develop automation solutions based on the parameters you specify, such as transport volumes, unit weights, provision and assembly concepts. We ensure fast work processes and largely fatigue-free work by using platform, shuttle or electric suspension monorail systems with height-adjustable assembly jigs that can be rotated and swiveled to provide the best possible assembly positions.

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Company Details

In 1969, Almac Industrial Systems opened its doors as a manufacturer of relatively standard roller, belt and chain conveyors. How times have changed. A classic example of Canadian perseverance and dedication to quality, this privately... more

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