Magnetic Crown Elevators  
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 Magnetic Crown Elevators

Product Name: Magnetic Crown Elevators

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Product Description


* The unit is made of stainless steel 304 quality materials only.

* It runs nicely with least maintenance and break down.

* The unit avoids, handling of crown\'s cartons in bottling hall and prevents damages of crowns in crowner\'s hopper.

* Very nominal quantity of crowns remains in the hopper for few minutes which prevents churning, bending and damages of crowns. It also ensures continuous flow of crowns and avoid uncrowned and off centered crowning of bottles, which keeps the filler machine running continuous without stoppage.

* It is also observed that due to continuous running of the filler machine, over foaming of the beverage is avoided which is very remarkable advantage of the conveyor unit.

* Due to the installation of this unit the filler machine operator is not requiring another person to assist him. This is resulting in saving of engagement of the worker.

* By installing this unit bottling efficiency of the plant can be increased by 7% to 10% (Products wastage also can be reduced remarkably).

* Cost of the machine can be very well recovered in just one year of operation because of direct & indirect saving and economy it ensures. Hence in subsequent every year of operation amount of saving almost equal to cost of the unit.

* Is it not fantastic ?

* Installation of this unit prevents crowns being scratchy and rusty, so automatically such complaints from markets are minimized or nullified.

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Company Details

Alien Fabricon (India) is one of the pioneers in the field of manufacturing all types of conveyors and conveyor systems like Magnetic Crown Conveyor System, P.P. Cap (Closure) Feeding System, Bottle Conveyor and Crate Loading System. Our... more

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