Aluminium Rollon Cap Elevator  
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 Aluminium Rollon Cap Elevator

Product Name: Aluminium Rollon Cap Elevator

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Product Description


* The System is made of S.S. 304 material with 4 mm thick transparent Polycarbonate Covers having Conveyor Belt of PVC Coated food grade quality with clits at equal distance.

* It is the only system developed and designed with 90° Vertical Conveying Column by which Caps ( P.P. Caps , Aluminum and other non metallic Caps ) are being conveyed vertically up to the desired height and later on the same can be conveyed horizontally by Horizontal Conveyor Extension up to the desired length.

* Due to its vertical design lot of space can be saved compare to Inclined Conveyors ( normally available in the market) and also doesn’t obstruct in departmental and internal movement of the personals in Bottling Hall hence it adds beauty to the plant.

* It conveys the Caps in adequate and highly precise quantity due to the controlled running of Conveyor Belt by the help of Variable Speed Drive which nullify the blockage in capper hopper.
The system designed is hygienically of best quality in which sanitation process can be done very easily and much faster.

* Due to smooth running of the system Aluminum Caps to be conveyed are being lifted in a gentle fashion which nullifies damage or bending of the caps remarkably which is the direct cost cutting factor during the process.
The Hopper of system has a volume of approximate 0.9 Mtr.3 in which marginal quantity (depending on cap size) of caps can be dumped, which is sufficient for the production of couple of hours. Thus frequent loading of caps directly into the Filler Machine Capper Hopper can be avoided which minimizes the chances of contamination.

* There is no pressure on caps near discharge chute OR Pocket at Bottom of the Hopper due to full load in the hopper as flaps are introduced at different levels.

* The system is fully Automatic equipped with AC Drive and PLC based Panel with Sensors located for level indication, flow control, Hooter (Alarm) and Vibrator for free and un interpreted operation of the system.
In exceptional cases only Vertical Unit can also be used directly without Horizontal Conveyor Extension by introducing Incline Chute of approximate 1200 mm. Lt. as required.

* By installing this unit bottling efficiency of the plant can be increased by 7 % to 10 % (Products wastage also can be reduced remarkably) Hence cost of the machine can be very well recovered in just one year of operation because of direct and indirect saving and economy it ensures. Hence in subsequent every year of operation amount of saving almost equal to cost of the unit. Is it not fantastic ?

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Company Details

Alien Fabricon (India) is one of the pioneers in the field of manufacturing all types of conveyors and conveyor systems like Magnetic Crown Conveyor System, P.P. Cap (Closure) Feeding System, Bottle Conveyor and Crate Loading System. Our... more

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