Furnace Charging  
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Furnace Charging

Product Name: Furnace Charging

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Furnace Charging

Product Description

Furnace charging feeder conveyors are designed to meter melt stock into electric furnaces or Cupola charging buckets. They are usually mounted on a powered indexing carriage that retracts after the load is discharged.

These units are designed to hold a specific amount of material (such as 10 tons) which is weighed via load cells. The crane operator views a large digital readout score board with the weight as the conveyor is being loaded. This provides accurate measuring of each batch of material for precision melt control.

Where furnace charging operator safety is a must, these are the ultimate vibratory conveyors. The extra heavy steel construction can withstand the extreme temperatures as well as the abuse of scrap metal impact during loading. The carriage mounted units offer maximum flexibility for safe and accurate loading. The guys on the melt deck will love you for buying this machinery.

Precise weighing is automated for perfect melts every time. The quality construction built into each machine insures a long, reliable life. Plus, each machine is counterbalanced and isolated so you can cut back on the earthquake drills. In other words, Conveyor Dynamics can eliminate your risks and give you big rewards.

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Furnace Charging

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