Discharge gate  
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Discharge gate

Product Name: Discharge gate

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Discharge gate

Product Description

Discharge gates are used in single or multiple locations within the conveyor system, depending on the bulk materials handled. There are three basic types of discharge gates:
Pneumatic (air-operated)

Gates regulate the flow on the conveyor, discharge materials at any given point in the conveyor, and accurately cut off (or shut) for scale feeding operations.

Naturally, the type of gate you choose will directly depend on the type of conveyor and the materials to be conveyed. Gates are considered a component of your conveyor system, and may need to be modernized, or replaced. Each gate must comply with the demands of your remaining conveying system.

At Orthman Conveying Systems, flexibility is as paramount as your need for continuous, accurate production. We work closely with our customers to assure the right part for the right system.

Examples of Gates:
10" x 10" Carbon Steel Air Operated Gate
14" x 14" Carbon Steel Air Operated Gate
16" x 16" sq. Carbon Steel Air Operated Gate

Hyrdraulic Slide Gates
Slide gates regulate flow from mineral bins
Hydraulic cylinder on gate has oversized rod and proximity switches
Self-contained power units with resevoirs
AR-500 slide and liner in wear areas increases the durability and life of the gates.
Completely assembled for bolt-on installation

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Discharge gate

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