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Belt conveyor

Product Name: Belt conveyor

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Product Description

Belt conveyors are the most commonly used bulk handling conveyors in history due to their reliability, versatility, and range of capacities. Materials from fine powders to large, lumpy stones can be handled on a belt conveyor.
Conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, food processing, and heavy industry.

Belt construction and materials are often application-specific. Belt materials and configurations vary for specific uses such as: roofing shingle conveying, quarrey gravel transport, and a very wide variety of others. Commercial applications include:
Construction - heavy building materials
Food and beverage processing
Forestry - logging, sawmill, paper pulp, etc.
Mining and quarrying
Factory production line

We offer different styles, designs and options of belt conveyor systems and the accessories that accompany them. We will design and manufacture complete systems using either standard or special parts, depending on the customer's exact needs.

Orthman Conveying Systems' experience in handling products such as sand, gravel, grain, coffee, minerals, etc. will ensure a properly-sized conveyor for handling any bulk material. We specialize in heavy-duty construction as a standard to reduce maintenance and extend the life of all equipment.

We put a very strong emphasis on application engineering. Careful attention to detail during this phase eliminates costly installation and operation errors. Meeting our client's performance expectations with quality machinery is our #1 goal.

Belt Conveyor Options:
Channel Stringer Belt Conveyors
Belt conveyors designed with channel stringers are available in 10' and 20' standard sections. Depending on the required belt conveyor length, an additional nonstandard length section will be supplied. A bolted splice plate connection joins and stiffens each joint. Belt conveyor channel stringer sections can be joined to truss sections by special lateral frames for spanning distances that require a truss section, while still enabling channel stringers to be used where the spanned distance does not require a truss. The channel frame belt conveyor design is especially suited to any application where overhead clearance is limited.

Truss Frame Conveyors
Truss frame belt conveyors are available in 24' deep and 42' deep sections. As with the channel frame belt conveyors, a non-standard section may be required to meet the customers' required belt conveyor length. The truss frame belt conveyors are used in applications where a channel frame conveyor cannot span an unsupported distance required by the customer.

Slider Bed Belt Coneyors
Heavy, conservative design insures long life while also minimizing the number of intermediate supports needed for industries using light bulk material densities. Conveyors requiring moderate incline (23 degrees or less) may be supplied with special cleated belts.

U-Trough Belt Conveyors
U-trough belt conveyors are used to provide better material containment on the carrying run. Minimizes fallback and increases efficiency in inclined applications when used with wood chips to provide more inter-meshing of material.

Flat Slide Belt Conveyors
Flat slide belt conveyors are used when weighing the material is necessary, when the belt serves as a feeder, or when limited overhead clearance requires a flat slide design.

Totally Enclosed Belt Conveyors
Sealed covers and drip pans allow for virtually dust-free material belt conveyance. Corrugated or non-corrugated covers are available. Drip pans are of 14 ga. steels, standard construction.

Custom Engineered Belt Conveyors
If none of the standard belt conveyor designs fits your needs, Orthman Conveying Systems will be happy to design a custom belt conveyor application for you. By supplying us with specifications and/or drawings illustrating the particular application, we will be able to produce general arrangement drawings for your approval.
16'0" Long Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Features:
18" wide belting
Channel frame construction
Zero speed switch
Zero speed switch
Safety pull chord & switch
Assembled without drive

Belt Cleaners
Orthman Conveying Systems has several different styles of industrial and food grade belt cleaners. The most standard design is a spring-loaded belt cleaner with either a rubber or UHMW scraper blade. This type of cleaner is the most often used and will provide adequate cleaning in most applications. Motor-driven brush-type cleaners are also available for applications where the scraper-type cleaner does not remove enough material. Please consult with Orthman Conveying Systems to determine the type of belt cleaner best suited for your application.

Flanged Inlets Load Hoppers
Load hoppers are available for non-enclosed conveyors. A load hopper is able to guide the incoming flow of material onto the belt. The load hopper bolts to the top of any belt conveyor structure. If needed, impact idlers or a load section is located under the hopper's discharge point. The chute sides may be inclined or vertical to suit customers' applications.

Standard Belt Conveyor Covers
We offers a variety of standard conveyor covers. These covers are designed to protect the belt, material and idlers from the weather and other contaminants. Conveyor covers also protects the belt from being sun-dried and damaged, in addition to protecting the idler rollers and belt from freezing.

Belt Conveyor Deck Plates
Deck plates for the belt conveyors are an optional feature used to deflect any material from the carrying run of the belting to falloning on the return run of the belting. Typically, 16 ga. material is used, although the customer may specify thicker material if it is needed. Inclined conveyor decking is designed to shed water and debris, while still protecting the belt and return idlers.

Drip Pans
Essential for belt conveyors running in areas where delicate machinery or people may be underneath the conveyors, the fabricated drip pans are designed to keep any material on the carrying (if there are no deck plates) and return runs from falling below the conveyors. For totally enclosed belt conveyors, gaskets will be provided to ensure the drip pans are dust-proof.

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