Vertical Screw Conveyors  
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Vertical Screw Conveyors

Product Name: Vertical Screw Conveyors

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Product Description

  • Efficiently elevates dry to semi-fluid materials – free-flowing to sluggish
  • Ideal for capacities up to 6,000 cubic feet per hour and elevations up to 40-feet
  • Available in both shafted and shaftless designs
  • Construction available in carbon steel, abrasion-resistant steels, stainless steel and high-nickel alloys
  • Engineered and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements
  • KWS designs and manufactures Vertical Screw Conveyors to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Wood Products and Wastewater Treatment.

    KWS Vertical Screw Conveyors are available in many configurations. Inlet sections can be offset to either side or can be in-line. Vertical Screw Conveyors are designed based on proven technology and are currently used in thousands of applications.

    KWS Vertical Screw Conveyors are designed without the need for internal bearings. Our unique design allows for efficient elevation of bulk materials without any restriction to product flow.

    KWS Vertical Screw Conveyors are manufactured to rigid quality standards.  KWS is an ISO 9000-2001 certified manufacturer. Every component and assembly is manufactured in the USA by highly skilled craftsmen. All KWS welders are certified in accordance with American Welding Society (AWS) Codes.

    Available Features / Options

    • Custom engineered for your specific application
    • Totally enclosed design for dust and vapor-tight requirements
    • Cost-effective when compared to other elevating devices such as bucket elevators, pneumatic
      or aero-mechanical conveyors
    • Smaller footprint allows for maximum use of floor space
    • Minimal number of moving parts to maintain

    Available Configurations

    • Shafted Screw – for free-flowing bulk materials
    • Shaftless Screw – for semi-fluid and sluggish bulk materials

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    Company Details

    KWS Manufacturing Company is the leader in the design and manufacture of conveying equipment for the bulk material handling industry.

    Aggregate:Used occasionally for handling small capacities of aggregates or sand. Also used for... more

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