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Belt Cleaning

Product Name: Belt Cleaning

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Product Description

WHAT IS IT? The Model BR is a motorized brush style conveyor belt cleaner for use in heavy-duty quarry and mining applications to reduce the carryback of material. The Model BR will work in wet or dry applications, as well as on a variety of organic materials and metal fines. The powered brush turns in the opposite direction of the belt in order to throw the dislodged material back into the discharge stream.

Model no.   Product Name
BR Brush Style Belt Cleaner
HS Helically Shaped Brush
BRC Cantilever Rotary Brush
FA Spring Arm Belt Cleaner
RLP Conveyor Belt Cleaner
RFA Conveyor Belt Cleaner
LP Straight Blade Belt Cleaner
CW & CWD Counterweighted Belt Cleaner
PT & HPT Plow Style Belt Cleaner
SC Skirtboard Clamp

WHY IS IT NECESSARY? The Model BR is a good choice for use as a stand alone belt cleaner, and makes an excellent secondary belt cleaner when used behind one of our bladed primary cleaners in the more aggressive applications.

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Conveyor Components Company, established in 1965, is world renown for quality engineered products at economical prices. Bulk material handing customers and processing industries have come to depend on Conveyor Components Company as a... more

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