Apron Pan Belts  
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Apron Pan Belts

Product Name: Apron Pan Belts

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Product Description

Stainless steel metal screen belts are typically used for tobacco processing or food products manufacturing. Belt widths from 24\" to 140\" wide. The apron pans are continuous and are available with different hole patterns. Apron/beaded pans can be manufactured in 6\", 9\" or 12\" pitches. Belts widths range from 12\" wide up to 120\" wide, with plate thickness from 3/16\" to 1/2\" thick. Extra heavy-duty 1/2\" x 2-1/2\" side bars are available for larger belts.

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Company Details

At the heart of every conveyor is the belting that transports the material. We are a premier manufacturer of conveyor belting of various pitch and chain configurations, for all your metal-working and recycling needs. With decades if... more

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