Elevators and Lowerators  
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Elevators and Lowerators

Product Name: Elevators and Lowerators

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Product Description

A&E Conveyor offers several different styles of elevators and lowerators. Change in elevation is a common requirement when configuring production lines. A&E has the right equipment for the job, we offer side grip style, magnetic, vacuum, and belt style elevators/lowerators to provide the most cost effective solution for dealing with elevation changes.

Side grip style elevators and lowerators are available in sanitary stainless steel construction or painted mild steel construction with many quality features, continuous solid lubricated UHMW chain wear tracks, spring and air assisted chain take-up assemblies, metering spacing belts for container control, quick one touch adjustment wheel for change in container diameter. The units can be configured in both "S" and "C" configurations and can be used to invert containers for container rinsing applications.

Magnetic elevators are available in sanitary stainless steel construction or painted mild steel construction. Width is dependent on container sizes. We use a continuous magnetic slider bed surface with diamond deck plate to minimize belt friction. The elevators can be supplied in many different configurations and with various infeed/ discharge styles to best suit the application.

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Elevators and Lowerators

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