Polyurethane Belt Scrapers & Skirting  
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Polyurethane Belt Scrapers &  Skirting

Product Name: Polyurethane Belt Scrapers & Skirting

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Product Description

Argonics has engineered a complete line of belt scrapers and skirting to service your every need.
We can provide the solution for clean belts in environments from wet clay to frozen coal

  • Belt wiper is the standard of our line. This is the most resilient belt wiper that money can buy. Kryptane® KS01 wipers will outwear rubber and UHWM polyethylene while protecting your belts.
  • Belt wiper >KS02 is our double durometer scraper. The harder durometer (92A) scrapes the conveyor belt clean in rugged applications while the softer durometer (75A) produces a squeegee effect, removing water and giving the scraper more flexibility.
  • KS03 , also known as the SUPERSCRAPER, is our most versatile scraper. We provide a dual polyurethane construction for use in environments where a harder polyurethane surface is needed. We mold a flexible polyurethane between two harder layers of rugged black >Kryptane® >. This sandwich construction allows us to give you a tough scraping surface yet we maintain the flexibility of the softer KS01. You have perfect scraper alignment and a wear surface for environments where the KS01 might be too soft. This scraper can be turned around, giving you the longest wear life of any belt wipers.
  • KS04 , the WINTERSCRAPER, is absolutely the toughest scraper available to you anywhere. We have embedded ceramic wear beads into a matrix of >Kryptane® polyurethane. This design will break any buildup in frozen environments where other plastics and rubber just won\'t do.

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