Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems  
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Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems

Product Name: Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems

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Product Description

The Accuflo Eraser™ and the Accuflo Super Eraser™ Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems utilizes an exclusive Heavy Duty Raptor™ Profile Blade made from long lasting urethane. The Systems are built with Heavy Duty steel tubing construction with telescoping Stainless Steel pipe ends. Mounts are 1/2\" thick steel and are urethane lined for noise dampening and anti-seize. These systems are complete with a Perma-torque™ tensioner. The tensioner is a elastomeric unit which is adjustable from 20 to 85 foot pounds. The tensioner is internally located within the mainframe and provides its torque to the blade at a centralized location, which provides consistent even cleaning.

Do to the internal design, the tensioner system does not protrude out either end of the mounting brackets more than 4 inches. The Eraser™ systems 46\" and above are provided with two Perma-Torque™ tensioners, and the Super Eraser ™ systems 34\" and above are also provided with two Perma-Torque™ tensioners. Eraser™ systems come in sizes from 16\" through 96\" and Super Eraser™ systems come in sizes from 22\" through 120\".

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Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems

Company Details

Conveyor Care Company is leading company in the world wi"We sell Products throughout the Northwest that make Bulk Handling Systems Cleaner, Safer, and More Productive" de supplies and produces conveyor products. more

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