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Product Name: 1 1/2\" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

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Product Description


Ideal for handling small parts, stampings, scrap, chips, turnings, material wet or dry, horizontal or elevating, single or multiple unit systems.

Custom Assembled:

All conveyors are custom fabricated to customer\'s requirements to insure proper fit.

Conveyors can be fabricated with coolant reservoir for machine tool application where cutting oil and coolant is involved. Tank configuration per customer\'s requirements.

For complete design flexibility you get a choice of conveyor type with any reasonable length legs and angles, belt design and width, and drive systems with optional safety equipment. Belt Specification:


Heavy duty motor and speed reducer size depending on belt speed and load.

Formed 11 gauge steel, stationary or portable.

Grease sealed, self-aligning ball bearings.

Safety Options:
Ratchet clutch.

Drainage Options:
Belt with coolant drainage perforations and leak-proof bottom panel optional. The side wings aren\'t welded on. Instead, each part -- made of extra heavy gauge steel -- is held on by an axle which passes through it. It\'s almost impossible for a wing or any other part to be damaged. If it should happen, it takes only a few minutes to remove retainer and replace the damaged part. There\'s no drilling out of spot welds or grinding down of arc welds. There\'s less down time. That\'s how our patented design keeps production flying.

Replace your present belt with a Jorgensen metal belt. There are sizes, pitches and types to fit all needs. Four styles of bottom plates to handle scrap, chips or parts. Also complete conveyor systems offering the smallest below-machine depth and formed steel casings.

For more details and information about conveyors you can count on -- write today or call to have a Jorgensen conveyor expert confer with you.

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Company Details

Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc. was founded in 1950 by Charles T. Jorgensen. Initially, the company was in all phases of general conveyor design, manufacture and installation in many types of manufacturing applications. Our early customers included... more

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