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 Ball Table

Product Name: Ball Table

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Product Description

Load capacities can vary from a few kilos up to 10 tones and more. With a choice of 146 different Always ball units to choose from, we can invariably offer you a useful solution to your problem. Pitch is calculated by dividing the narrowest dimension by 3.5. This ensures 3 ball units will be beneath the narrowest dimension of the load at any time.

Bed - Stainless Steel : Galvanized Carbon Steel

Bed Widths: 100-5000mm

Ball Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon steel,  Aluminium

Adjustable Floor Supports or Removable Caster Available

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Company Details

Bastian Material Handling (BMH) is an independent system integrator dedicated to helping our customers increase their productivity through proven automation, information systems, and sound operating procedures. As a leading source of conveyor... more

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